Bala’s Scholarship Story: India Scholarships at UL

The University of Limerick offers a number of generous merit based scholarships for Indian students in all faculties. Balachandar received a 50% scholarship to study a Masters in Information and Network Security.                                                          

How I got into UL




Yeah, this one’s a good story (I know I shouldn’t say it but listen).



When I decided that I’m going to do my masters in Ireland, I had no clue about the universities here.  I attended the Education in Ireland Fair which was held in Chennai.  I was surprised to know that there were only 7 universities in Ireland.

Everyone kept telling me to go to Dublin (the promotions for Dublin universities were huge) in the fairs, but I took my time to take the decision. I went through the program contents of the particular course in various universities. There were no major changes in the syllabus.

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I spoke to a representative from University of Limerick in the Irish Education Fair and got the news that they are offering a 50% scholarship for merit students (above 75% in UG).

What I would like to mention here is that, people tend to get carried away if they see that University is offering a good scholarship. But I had different ideas.

I researched about the university and the best thing is more than 80% of grad students get a job right after finishing the course and it’s the highest percentage among all the universities in Ireland. In fact, UL is the biggest university in Ireland. That was enough for me to join here plus you get a very affordable living expense in Limerick, Ireland (Don’t even get me started about the living expense in Dublin, I need a whole other blog to write about that). So that’s my story of “How I got into UL”.

Thanks to Bala for sharing his story with us! Find out more about Scholarships for Indian students.


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