The Little Things

In this personal blog, Kerry Houlihan details her cherished memories of the University of Limerick while imploring new and current students to try out some of the experiences the university has to offer!

The Power of Silence: Lessons from Intergenerational Week

In this personal blog, Namrata Nad, a Master’s student of Risk Management and Insurance, details her positive experience volunteering for Intergenerational Week where she gained valuable lessons and insights from her partner in the story exchange.

My Favorite Memories Here :) 

In this personal blog, Angelina Rijal, a Study Abroad student from the University of Massachusetts, Boston talks about some of her favourite memories during her time here in the University of Limerick.

How to Get to… Cheaply and Quickly! 

In this advice blog, Maria Cardin talks about how to travel to must-see destinations from the University of Limerick as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible. She also includes some recommendations on things to see or do as the destinations! The easiest way to explore Ireland, especially the wild countryside, is definitely by car. However, if…

Global Interviews: Sonya San

University is a place to practice your passions, to learn and grow in the skills that matter to you. Providing this experience to students is a top priority at UL. I recently spoke to Sonya San, a third year Law plus student from Malaysia. I wanted to know how successful UL has been in providing an environment for practising her passions and growing her skills.

Global Interviews: Arisha Atif

College has always been a place where people come to find themselves. A place where they can shake off the old, find out who they really are, and truly begin to express themselves. College is an adventure, one student who really exemplifies this is Arisha Atif, a young Pakistani woman studying Politics and International Relations at the University of Limerick

Global Interviews: Ng Wee Jian “David”

In this interview I sat down with David, a Masters aeronautical engineering student to discuss what makes studying this subject at UL so special, and why he came to Ireland to study it.

A Night at UL Craft Society

University is about new experiences – In this blog Kerry writes about a night at UL Craft Society, one of the many student societies present at UL

My co-op experience as a law student

In this Blog, Sonya gives her advice to prepare for the co-op work experience. With this programme UL gives its students the chance to get practical experience working in their chosen field.

How To Library Like A Pro!

In this blog Miriam gives her best advice on how to keep a clear head, and stay productive during this busy exam and assignment season