About Study Ireland

Study Ireland is a website of blogs and stories by the University of Limerick International Student Ambassador Programme. These students are Eramsus, Exchange, Summer School, Study Abroad, and full degree undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Study Ireland is a collection of over 100 stories, guides and blogs from International students who are studying in Ireland. The posts are written by Student Ambassadors from the University of Limerick (UL). The Student Ambassador Programme allows prospective students a fantastic opportunity to hear the real voice of current UL International Students.

Student Ambassador Programme Details:

UL International Student Ambassadors write approximately three blogs per semester (in any medium). They interact with their fellow Ambassadors on the blog and on the Ambassador Facebook page, as well as with prospective students. There are opportunities for Ambassadors to help the International Education Division staff of UL at promotional events, where you can have the chance to talk about your personal experiences in Ireland.

The University of Limerick provides full training, as well as technical and editorial support, throughout the year.

In addition to original work being widely disseminated, there are many other advantages to being part of this elite programme. Ambassadors will be awarded a “Certificate of Participation” and a letter of recommendation from Josephine Page, Director of the International Education Division. There will also be the chance to win the title of International Ambassador of the Year, which includes a great prize.

To apply to become a student ambassador, please email international@ul.ie

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