About Study Ireland

Study Ireland is a website of blogs, guides and stories by the University of Limerick International Student Ambassador Programme. These students are Eramsus, Exchange, Summer School, Study Abroad, and full degree undergraduate and postgraduate students.

We have a collection of over 100 stories, guides, tips and blogs from International students who are studying in Ireland. Our Student Ambassador Programme allows prospective students a fantastic opportunity to hear the real voice of current UL International Students. Not sure what to pack in your suitcase? Our Ambassadors have written blogs on what are the essentials! Nervous about not making friends? Read our blogs on Clubs and Societies, and being social in UL! The aim of our Study Ireland website is to help and inform prospective students.

Student Ambassador Programme Details:

UL International Student Ambassadors write approximately two blogs per semester. The word “blog” though isn’t limiting – they can write a poem, a short story, a memoir piece and so on. They interact with their fellow Ambassadors as well as with prospective students, both through the blog and on the Instagram page. There are opportunities for Ambassadors to help the International Education Division staff of UL at promotional events, where you may get the chance to talk about your personal experiences in Ireland.

This role is a great way to make the most out of your time at The University of Limerick. Ambassadors represent the international student body here at UL in many different ways, these include; participating in photo and video shoots, meeting with official visitors of UL, contributing greatly to our social media platforms, and writing blogs/testimonials. This programme allows you to connect and share your UL experience with prospective and current student. The ideal candidate is creative, enthusiastic, and willing to fully immerse themselves into the programme. Whilst there is a lot of work involved in this role it is also very rewarding and beneficial to you by further improving your communication skills and helping build connections.

The Ambassador Programme is a great way to network with other students! By writing blogs, taking control of our social media pages and sharing your experience, you will encourage more students to come and study abroad. It is a creative position that requires good interpersonal and communication skills.

To apply to become a Student Ambassador, please fill out this form!

If you have any further questions about the International Student Ambassador Programme, please email us at international@ul.ie

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