Chinese Student’s Guide to Ireland

Chinese student at University of Limerick, Ireland, shares her insights into life in UL and Ireland, such as how to properly respond to ‘How are you?’

A Trip to Killarney – By Yao Xiao

Yao Xiao is a Chinese student at the University of Limerick who recently went on a trip to Killarney, in Co. Kerry. Here’s what she thought of the place! For the whole semester, I was always telling myself that I was too busy to do any travel that and I could go to other cites…

Academic Writing Tips for International Students

The transition between academic practices can be hard for international students. Yao Xiao is a Chinese student at the University of Limerick who has learned loads about essay writing from the Academic Literacies module offered here at UL – here are her tips for international students struggling with academic writing!  In this blog, I want to…

The Basic Necessities of Life: Tips for Chinese Students in Ireland

Xiao Yao is a Chinese student studying abroad at the University of Limerick. Here, she shares her general tips for incoming students to UL. Check out UL’s new website developed specifically for China: Hello, I am Xiao Yao, a study abroad student from China, and by now, I have been in Limerick for a month….