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This blog is driven by content created by our UL International Ambassadors. Here you will find profiles of all our current ambassadors.

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Profile ImageLaura Kames

Dia dhuit! My name is Laura and I’m a study abroad student from Germany. Study Abroad NOT Erasmus (yes that is possible!). I’m a music enthusiast, science-fiction and fantasy fan and LOVE baking. I study Intercultural Business Psychology back at home in Germany. Here I’m mostly studying marketing. Social Media is a big part of my studies so I’m giving that a try.
I’m super excited to meet new people from all over the world and to experience Irish Culture. I’ll be posting about my experience here in Ireland. If you want to see more of it follow me on Instagram (laura_m.ka) or Twitter @LauraMK14. You’re more than welcome to message me any questions or comments. If you want me to blog about a certain topic (student life, clubs or societies, traveling, WHATEVER…) just let me know 😉.


September 18 (2)Conor Trembley, USA

Yo I’m Connor! I come from the United States where I study mechanical engineering. This is my first time outside of the country, so needless to say I’ll have plenty of interesting things to say about my experience. I love exploring the outdoors, running, photography, mountain biking, and any form of expression like drawing or video making. Walk in my shoes as I navigate life here at UL, and if the shoe fits, maybe we will see you over here next semester. Cheers!






Nishita Dimri, India

Hi! My name is Nishita Dimri and I’m from India. I’m currently studying Master’s in International Tourism in University of Limerick and what better place to study tourism than Ireland?

I love cooking, learning about new cultures, traveling, making friends and food. I’m so excited to be here and to learn about and experience Irish culture. I also plan to visit as many places as I can while I’m here.

Apart from being in a beautiful country, looking at breath taking scenery everyday (yes even when it rains) and the super friendly people, UL has so much to offer. A beautiful campus, very dedicated and knowledgeable professors, it’s focus on providing career oriented courses, superb sports facilities and a (what may seem like infinite) number of clubs and societies to join. There’s never a dull moment here because something is always happening, whether it’s a club or society meet, a party at Stable’s or tons of workshops.

Before applying for the Student Ambassador role, I already had a blog wherein I wrote about my travels and my cooking so this platform just helps combine my hobby of writing and my aim to help others together. If you have any questions about being a student at UL, you need some friendly, unbiased advice or you just want to talk, you’re welcome to reach out to me on any of the following social media outlets and I’ll help to the best of my ability.

Instagram: @nishita_night
Twitter: @nishta_night



Baoyan GraphicsBaoyan Zhang, China

Hello! This is Baoyan Zhang initially from China. Right now I am in my second year studying in Journalism and New Media in the University of Limerick. My passion on Celtic culture and the love of rock and roll music drive me to UL for my third level education. Studying in Ireland is a fantastic adventure.  Believe me, there is magic here apart from attractive natural scenery and warm welcoming minds.



Jena GraphicsJena Araojo, USA

Hey guys! My name is Jena and I am from Virginia in the USA! Back at home, I am a junior attending The College of William & Mary where I am majoring in Marketing and minoring Sociology. This semester I am in beautiful Ireland to study abroad! At UL, I am a member of Enactus working on the social enterprise startup SparkED and a member of the International Society. My weekends are packed as I am either exploring Ireland or traveling abroad to visit other countries and learn about new cultures while I am here. I am very excited to be sharing with you all my experiences both as a study abroad student and as an avid traveler of Europe! Feel free to reach out if you have questions about studying abroad, traveling, or college life in general; I’m all ears! If you want, follow me on social media to see all of my adventures this semester.

Facebook: Jena Araojo – Instagram: hey_itsjena


Graphics (2)Simran Kapur, India

A crafted journalist wearing a chef’s hat, I come from an extremely humble background. Born and brought up in one of the humid parts of the country, I belong to the subcontinent called India. While growing up, I had several experiences which made me learn the most important phrase of my life, “Live and let live”.

I am currently living my dreams in the ever so windy and extremely welcoming country of Ireland. As a student of Journalism, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to meet several people from different walks of life and I can assure you, it can be challenging at times.

I have always been sheltered due to the nature of my work as a food journalist. University of Limerick however gave me an opportunity to test the waters of a foreign country and step out of my comfort zone, ‘Food’. I eventually took on features, blog writing, event management and the occasional crazy dancing at Stables.

I am deeply privileged and happy to be a part of a family that helps me grow every day and gave me the opportunity to live my passion. It is extremely difficult to stay away from your loved ones, but I see courage in the eyes of my parents every day and it gives me the push that I need. I am thus, an ordinary girl from an extraordinary family looking to make my mark in this place we call Earth.


Graphics (3)Nora Rubish, USA

Hello, my name is Nora Rubish! I am from the state of Minnesota in the USA, and have come to UL to study physiotherapy as a full time international degree seeking student. I first completed 2 years of university in the USA, and had spent 1 of the semesters as a study abroad student at UL. I fell in love with the people, school, and country, and decided to stay here to complete my degree. I have so many great memories from my time here so far, and look forward to answering questions and sharing my love for UL with others.


GraphicsMegumi Gates, Canada

“Hello! My name is Megumi Gates and I am a third year biochemistry student from Mount Allison University in Canada! I am here on exchange from my small hometown of Sackville, New Brunswick. I am so excited to be here in Europe for the first time, learning about Irish culture and meeting people from all over the world. I love to paint, run, hike, do yoga, play the piano, read, bake, and make new friends! I am part of the International society, the Tea Appreciation society, and I am a Japanese language facilitator here at UL. You can follow me on instagram @megumigates or find me on facebook!”


GraphicsFernanda Zamboni, Brazil

“Hello everyone, my name is Fernanda and I am native from Brazil. I came to UL to studied a taught masters programme in Biomedical Devices Materials. I know how hard it can be to be moving from your home country to somewhere completely new, however, from personal experience, sooner than you think you will start feeling that Ireland is your home from home. It’s not just coincidence that after I finished the masters I decided to stay here in UL for another 4 years, and now I am doing a PhD in Biomedical Engineering. I am very excited to share a little bit about my life in Ireland and in UL and hopefully it will help you on your journey in this amazing country, the evergreen Emerald Isle!”

GraphicsOnyekachi Anyalechi, Nigeria

“I always wanted to study in Ireland and I had preferences and UL came on top! The university is one of the best university in Ireland, I also checked the profile of my prospective lecturers which also influenced my choice and finally, the modules offered are well aligned with my area of interest.

I chose International Studies because it reflects truly on my interests in African and world politics in general. Of course, I am very keen on developmental issues in African countries and I am also keen on developing my knowledge on conflict resolution and global governance standards which I hope to make practicable on my career path. Imparting the knowledge gotten from this study on my society from the grassroots level and hopefully, unto national and on the international level.”

JOy GraphicsJoy Amaefule-Orie, Nigeria

Hi, my name is Joy. I’m a post graduate law student of the University of Limerick. I am also an international student from Nigeria. I love travelling and meeting new people and I must say, I love everything about UL. I have made amazing friends here and truly would not trade the experience for anything.



2018 Sem 2 Graphics (14)Sanjeev Kumar, India

Hello everyone! I am Sanjeev and I am from New Delhi, India. Currently I am pursuing MSc in International Management and Global Business at University of Limerick. This program is an excellent blend of the academic and the practical delivered by an internationally experienced teaching team at the Kemmy Business School. Moving to a new country is always a perfect opportunity to explore and foster your own independence. My experience at UL and Ireland so far has been amazing and great. Apart from studies, UL is provided with different clubs and societies which makes you feel like you are in home away from home. UL not only allows you to pursue your career academically but also helps you in chasing your passion and hobbies. I have been involved in the photography and international society and has volunteered for different opportunities and occasions which brought me closer to this beautiful campus. I love to express myself artistically through the medium of photography and Ireland being such a beautiful country gives you a plenty of reasons to live, love and laugh. I will be more than happy to share my experience with everyone. Feel free to reach out to me for any questions and concerns and follow me on Instagram for beautiful pictures of campus and Ireland. Insta id- born_confused_me.

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