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This blog is created by students, for students. What better way to learn about life in UL than from the students who have lived and studied here! Nervous or stressed about moving so far from home? Not sure what Clubs or Societies to join? Don’t know what to pack? Our International Ambassadors are here to help you by writing blogs that answer these questions! They too know how exciting, yet overwhelming, it can be to study abroad, but that’s why they are dedicated to making this an easy transition for you! Here are our current International Student Ambassadors:

Meet Our Student Ambassadors!

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Yukti Patil, India

I’m Yukti and I’m pursuing my master’s degree in Software Engineering at UL.

I’m from India, Pune City in the state of Maharashtra. I completed my undergraduate degree from the Pune University and spent a few years working in the software industry. It’s been a few years, but I’m excited to return to the world of academia. 

I like exploring new places, even if that means a new trail or a new route to the supermarket. Art, plants and stationery is something I like. Gardening is my passion, but on hold. I am happy with succulents on my study desk for now.  

I am girl in the pursuit of something, excited to be in limerick this year at UL and to explore the scenery and Ireland’s many landscapes while sharing my experiences with you! 

Bao Tran Vietnam

Hello friends at UL, I am Bao, from Vietnam. I am currently enrolled in the Master’s program in International Commercial Law.  

I studied and lived in The Netherlands for 4 years before arriving in Ireland. Coming from a big city in Vietnam to a small student city in the north of The Netherlands and now setting foot on the beautiful island of Ireland for me is such an adventurous experience.

As a GOI-IES scholar at UL, I would like to inspire people and encourage them to take opportunities to improve their lives.  

My plan for the future is to research further in my field and eventually become a good person. To wrap it up, I am looking forward to a fun and memorable year ahead with you guys.   

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