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This blog is driven by content created by our UL International Ambassadors. Here you will find profiles of all our current ambassadors.

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September 18 (12)Emad Heydari, Iran

Salam, Chetori?! That’s ‘Hi, how are you?’ in Farsi, which is the language we speak in Iran, in case you didn’t know. 😉 My name is Emad and I’m Iranian/Persian. I study Master of Interactive Media at UL. I have a background in business development, teaching, translation and video post-production. Well I know it either sounds like I know a lot of things or I often jump ship but the truth is, my main goal has been to find what it is that I’m supposed to do and in order to get there, I moved away from home 1 day before I turned 18 and ever since I’ve been living in different countries and challenging myself by trying new things as often as I can. So far I’ve lived in 5 countries and travelled to 17 countries and even though “the sky is blue everywhere”, the way you feel about yourself can be quite different and the experiences you go through are wonderful and quite unique so of-course my first advice for you would be to LEAVE HOME as early as you can… I am sure whichever country you go to, you will end up learning many things about yourself, life and what motivates you and you will have unforgettable memories and some priceless life lessons. The main reason that I’ve joined the UL’s Student Ambassadors Programme is because I want to make sure my 1-year at UL would be much more fun and interesting than learning and studying about human-cantered design and computer science, which, I must say, is both fascinating and challenging course to study.  On the other hand, I am also passionate about snowboarding, psychological thriller films, deep discussions, cooking and traveling.  I hope sharing about my experiences, as UL ambassador will push you to put yourself out there and try new things on your own. One step at a time.


Profile Image

Laura Kames, Germany

Dia dhuit! My name is Laura and I’m a study abroad student from Germany. Study Abroad NOT Erasmus (yes that is possible!). I’m a music enthusiast, science-fiction and fantasy fan and LOVE baking. I study Intercultural Business Psychology back at home in Germany. Here I’m mostly studying marketing. Social Media is a big part of my studies so I’m giving that a try.
I’m super excited to meet new people from all over the world and to experience Irish Culture. I’ll be posting about my experience here in Ireland. If you want to see more of it follow me on Instagram (laura_m.ka) or Twitter @LauraMK14. You’re more than welcome to message me any questions or comments. If you want me to blog about a certain topic (student life, clubs or societies, traveling, WHATEVER…) just let me know 😉.


September 18 (7)Anubha Prasad, India

“Hi everyone, my name is Anubha Prasad and I am from India. I am pursuing Masters in International Management and Global Business at University of Limerick. The experience in Ireland had been great so far. The place is extremely beautiful with lovely Irish people around to help you with anything you need. I love travelling and meeting new people. I made few amazing friends and still exploring places nearby. Feel free to get in touch with me anytime.”

Instagram profile:


September 18 (2)Conor Trembley, USA

Yo I’m Connor! I come from the United States where I study mechanical engineering. This is my first time outside of the country, so needless to say I’ll have plenty of interesting things to say about my experience. I love exploring the outdoors, running, photography, mountain biking, and any form of expression like drawing or video making. Walk in my shoes as I navigate life here at UL, and if the shoe fits, maybe we will see you over here next semester. Cheers!


September 18 (4)Abirami Sakthivel , India

I am Abirami Sakthivel from India, Pursuing my Masters in Project management. Studying at University of Limerick is just more than Bliss. I would like to express what exactly I felt when I landed  and how I feel right now.…

Mesmerizing Grey – Rainbow, Landing in an unknown country, Grey clouds around the county.  Walked along with Grey,  But with all content and happiness on the way. Shannon flowing through the city,  Reflecting the feelings of my thoughts was witty.  Starting a new phase of life at university of limerick, Never made me feel like shipwreck. Seeing the beauty of the Rainbows during trek, Is equal to living bridge making you awestruck. Knowledge is power, That is what you own when you are here. Come let us join hands and explore the land of wisdom, Power and Beauty.


Baoyan GraphicsBaoyan Zhang, China

Hello! This is Baoyan Zhang initially from China. Right now I am in my second year studying in Journalism and New Media in the University of Limerick. My passion on Celtic culture and the love of rock and roll music drive me to UL for my third level education. Studying in Ireland is a fantastic adventure.  Believe me, there is magic here apart from attractive natural scenery and warm welcoming minds.


September 18 (6)Akshata Raghotham , India

Hello Everyone. My name is Akshata Raghotham and I am from India. I am currently doing my MA in Dance Performance (Contemporary Dance) at Irish World Academy. I have done my under graduation in Dance and Choreography from Bangalore, India. I am a traveller and performer. Previously, I was part of a dance company which gave me the opportunity to travel and perform across different cities of India. Visiting various places inspire me as a dancer and as an artist, I believe in attention to detail.

After thorough research, I came across MA in Dance Performance at the University of limerick which best suited my interest. I read a lot about the course and the opportunities that it provides students, the facilities and, of course, the beautiful campus.

I am so happy to have found the perfect combination of everything!


September 18 (11)Ashley Garcia, USA

Hello! My name is Ashley and I am a current Journalism Major from sunny Los Angeles, California. I am a current full time undergraduate student at the University Of Limerick and am absolutely loving it so far! As someone who has never lived out of the United States I definitely had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I have soon found out it was the best decision of my life. Ireland has been so kind to me and I am sure it will be the same to you! If you have any questions about going to UL or need someone to talk to you can reach me via email at:


September 18 (17)Sabrina Siqueira, Brazil

My name is Sabrina. I’m a journalist from Brazil, and also a postgraduate student, in third year of doctorate degree. I’m living for one year in Limerick to improve my theses on Frank McCourt’s humour. At UL, I’m a visiting PhD researcher. I am 39 years old and I’m interested in Irish literature in general, Irish humour, Irish culture and also, Celtic Mythology. I like photograph, dancing and travelling. I’m just in love with the beautiful UL campus, the Irish landscapes and with local culture and architecture.

You can find me on Facebook as, on Instagram as and on Twitter as


Graphics (3)Nora Rubish, USA

Hello, my name is Nora Rubish! I am from the state of Minnesota in the USA, and have come to UL to study physiotherapy as a full time international degree seeking student. I first completed 2 years of university in the USA, and had spent 1 of the semesters as a study abroad student at UL. I fell in love with the people, school, and country, and decided to stay here to complete my degree. I have so many great memories from my time here so far, and look forward to answering questions and sharing my love for UL with others.


September 18 (15)Emma de Jager, The Netherlands

“Hi everyone! My name is Emma de Jager and I am an Erasmus student from Rotterdam in the Netherlands. I major in Humanities and Global Health and am currently in my third year. To make the most out of my stay in Ireland, I decided to join several clubs here, the International Society, Outdoor Pursuits Club and the Rowing Society. I am slightly addicted to coffee and I love to take photos, hang out with my friends and travel around the country. I am really excited to share my experiences with you. If you have any questions, or want to know what I am up to on a daily base, you can follow me on Instagram (emma.dejager) or add me on Snapchat (emmadejagerx)!”


GraphicsFernanda Zamboni, Brazil

“Hello everyone, my name is Fernanda and I am native from Brazil. I came to UL to studied a taught masters programme in Biomedical Devices Materials. I know how hard it can be to be moving from your home country to somewhere completely new, however, from personal experience, sooner than you think you will start feeling that Ireland is your home from home. It’s not just coincidence that after I finished the masters I decided to stay here in UL for another 4 years, and now I am doing a PhD in Biomedical Engineering. I am very excited to share a little bit about my life in Ireland and in UL and hopefully it will help you on your journey in this amazing country, the evergreen Emerald Isle!”


September 18 (19)Ifunanya Nwaudoh, Nigeria

Well, hello there ;). I am Ifunanya but everyone calls me Fiffy. I am a Nigerian and I am currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Peace and Development Studies. Might I say that this is unchartered territory for me. However, before I proceed let me just say that IRELAND IS A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY! Yes, I said it and I am screaming with excitement! I love travelling and exploring new places, different people and different culture and to get that full-on experience, Ireland is the place!! My experience at the University of Limerick (UL) has been really amazing so far. When it comes to academic work it’s like all the gears are in sync and the cylinders are fired up! UL has an awesome academic environment and the library is remarkable you’d find yourself geeking out on a daily basis. Don’t even get me started with the extra-curricular activities and volunteering opportunities. The clubs and societies exposes you to hobbies, passions and interests you did not even know you had. It gets so overwhelming you may not be able to keep up.

If you are trying to make a decision, just know that UL is the place for you if you want to get involved, follow your passion and express yourself artistically!

Ooops! This was supposed to be about me but oh well, there you have it! Cheers!


September 18 (21)

Kristýna Sosnova, Czech Republic

Ahoj! I’m Kristýna, an Erasmus student from Charles University in Czechia. My field of study is Financial Economics but I’m also interested in Psychology and Statistics. My passions are traveling and outdoor sports. I take every chance to go hiking, swimming, cycling, skiing, surfing, climbing or dancing and, since I’m at UL, also doing yoga. All of that made me join the International society, that offers a lot of interesting trips all around Ireland, The Outdoor Pursuits Club, which provide access to climbing wall several times a week and manages awesome trips to the green Irish nature during weekends and The SurfClub, because duh…fun, ocean, adventure! I also like to hang out with friends, sit for a beer, listen to some good music and just enjoy the life itself. UL is an awesome place that offers so many options how to get the most out of your free time and I definitely want to take the change to do so.

Instagram: Kristynaaes


September 18 (22)

Maia Brons, The Netherlands

Hi! My name is Maia. I am a 22 year old Erasmus student at UL, coming from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. In my spare time, you’ll often find me stressing out about life for no reason, abiding to my (good) coffee addiction, singing Disney songs in multiple languages, or cycling somewhere (for, as a Dutch lass, my bike is as important as my limbs). I guess I chose to spend 4 months of my bachelor degree here in Limerick, Ireland, because I have consistently been binge-watching the Riverdance Show on tape my whole life. Oh, and of course to experience studying abroad, learning a new culture, meeting new “life-long” friends, and all that stuff they put on the flyers.

But, seriously: I think going on exchange has, thus far, been the best experience of my life and I am eager to share it with all of you. Whether my sharing of experiences will make you laugh, cringe, or turn away in boredom, I greatly look forward to supplying all of you (prospective) students with  MY stories and inspirations whilst I am here.


September 18 (25)

Michael Atta Ateji, Nigeria

Hello everyone, my name is Michael Atta Ateji and I’m from Nigeria. I am currently enrolled as a Masters student in Computer and Communications Systems Engineering. I love traveling to places, meeting new people and cycling. Being a football enthusiast, I am a member of the Soccer Club. My experience in UL and Ireland has been great and amazing so far and I look forward to sharing them with you.


10Jevita Cutinha, India

Hi, my name is Jevita Cutinha and I am from Karnataka India. Currently I am a postgraduate student pursuing my masters in nursing studies. My passion includes exploring new places, reading novels especially by J.K Rowling and Harry porter is my all time favorite, and I am madly in love with music. I love socializing and meeting new people from different countries and from different cultural background. Studying in University of Limerick is the best decision I have ever made in my life and each day brings new experience. I am excited to explore all Ireland has to offer and presently I am living my dream this. I am looking forward whole heartedly to share my live experience with you.



Jincy Lesley, India

‘Nurse’, Just another word to describe me as a person who is strong enough to tolerate everything and soft enough to understand everyone.

Born and bought up in Mumbai, one of the lively cities of the country, I hail from one of the Indian subcontinent named INDIA.. The city itself states about being the city of dreams and so do I am. Being through different phases of my life, it made me to be more passionate and confident. I always believed on my personal mantra of “LIVE IN THE MOMENT” which helped me to be motivated and inspired to be your best self.

Dreaming of landing up in an European country was my all time dream and nothing could have been much better than ending up in “IRELAND”, which itself has its beauty in it. And deciding to pursue my Masters in Nursing in this country was the second attempt of dreaming. And i owe this acknowledgement to “UNIVERSITY OF LIMERICK”, who helped me to get through my dream and also gave me an opportunity to be part of this team as it has its own standard and reputation in Ireland. UL not only helps you to pursue your career, but also to trail and achieve your dreams.

Being a “INTERNATIONAL STUDENT AMBASSADOR” can help me to reach out my hands and share my real life experiences to the students from different parts of the world owing their own culture. Also, I am much passionate about Photography and Music, and this programme in turn can help me to progress with my passion.

So dear ones, if you have any questions and concerns regarding UL, need an advice, or a friendly talk, feel free to reach out to me and follow me on:

Instagram: jin_in_faith – Facebook: Jincy Lesley


17Mohd Azrul Arief Mohd Azml, Malasysia

Hi Everyone! My name is Arief and I’m from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I’m a first year of the two years Advanced Entry Bachelor of Science in Aircraft Maintenance and Airworthiness Engineering, majoring in Engineering. I’ll be studying here in the UL as an undergraduate student.

Studying in Ireland is a fantastic adventure.  UL offers many great courses. This university is very beautiful and unique campus, surrounding with many international students to socialize with. Every day is happening day especially in the courtyard which located at the student centre, and Tuesday is Farmers Market day. One of the reasons I choose Ireland as the best place to study because I want to feel the four seasons as my country doesn’t have that. Second is Ireland is one of the best higher education rankings. The third is natural beauty. You will see a lot of green scenery.

I’d definitely describe myself as a lone ranger struggling to adjust my life as I am first time being in Ireland. Then, I make new friends around the globe and this makes me feel at home. My housemates come from various countries such as Spain, France, South Africa, the USA and China; and my classmates such as Syria, Poland, Scotland, India, and others. In summary, I will conclude that this country is peaceful, safest and friendly. Feel free to follow and shoot me a message on Instagram @arief_azaraz .


Xiaoying profileXiaoying Wu, China

Hey guys! This is Xiaoying Wu, an international student from China. I study Human Resource Management back in my home university and now here I am, starting my new journey at UL. Surrounded by Ireland’s breathtaking scenery and all these amazing people, I am sure that this coming semester will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience! I love hiking, jogging, swimming and watching American and British television series. More importantly, I really enjoy meeting new people from different countries since it is always fun to explore cultural similarities and differences. Besides, I am part of the international society, the outdoor pursuit club and the entrepreneurship society at UL. Feel free to message me on Facebook if you have any question! I am more than happy to have a chance to know you!


SunainaSunaina Mariam Augustine, India

Hello, I am Sunaina Mariam Augustine, an ex-Naval Officer from India. I love books and music, so much that you will never find me without my Kindle or earphones. I have 14yrs of service in the Indian Armed forces. When I left service I wanted to join the corporate but was not sure if I was ready for it. So I decided to go back to studies and find out what’s new in the corporate world?

I had always wanted to study abroad and now I decided it is time I do that. When I decided to study away from my country I had two choices; Ireland and New Zealand, it was tough to choose between the two, and both were known for their education system. So what made me choose Ireland? It was the University of Limerick that sealed the deal for me. They had the course that I wanted, they had the most beautiful campus and they had all the required information available for me online. Sitting in India I knew what exactly is going on in this campus. I feel I knew so much about this University even before reaching here, that it prepared me well for my trip. University has wonderful social media presence that gives you all you need to know about studying here.

Now once I got my offer, the International Education Division and the accommodation office was in constant touch with me. They literally walked me through the entire process. Once I was at the university there were various societies and groups willing to help me and get me settled. Other than the fact that this University offers one of the best education in the country with opportunity to interact with the corporate world what I love most about here is the community. Students and staff here are forever helpful. I am yet to meet a person who has refused to help me here. I have been here for 2 months now and trust me I am yet to miss my home, this place has become truly a home away from home for me. I have a family here. I am currently pursuing Master’s in International Management and Global Business at University of Limerick and that was the best decision I took in the last 2yrs.

I have received help from various volunteers in this university in various forms and its time I give back to the university and I will do it with all my heart. Why I am a good fit for the Ambassador is because I love this place and I would love more students to come here and have what I have. A top-notch education, a beautiful campus and great campus life.



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