Sunday, September 2018. I was in my worst feelings. It had been a stressful past couple of weeks. Adjusting to a new environment. Adjusting to the weather. Re-adjusting to a learning environment. Orientation week was quite overwhelming and so was the first week of classes. I felt so un-ready for this chapter of my life….

How Studying Abroad Has Changed My Perspective

Katherine Keatley is a psychology student from Texas, studying abroad at the University of Limerick. Here, she explores the changes in perspective that have come about through her experience studying abroad in Ireland.

Can Studying Abroad change your life?

by Lizzy Selvik, University of Limerick International Student Ambassador When I embarked on my study abroad journey I could not have been more excited. I had been dreaming about this experience and planning it for ages. I was going to see the world and welcome a semester of new experiences and new places. Before I…