Cycling as a UL Student

Using a bike is an efficient, and environmentally friendly alternative to the bus, or taxis when getting around Limerick. In this article Cosmos gives some tips and tricks to cycling around UL In Limerick, transportation is not restricted to buses or taxis. Bicycles are a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative for students to commute….

How To Make An Irish S’more

When living in a different country, you shouldn’t let a lack of ingredients stop you from making an American classic s’more!

Check Kerry Houlihan’s recipe adapted to what’s available in Ireland.

How to Make Friends at UL

Want to make friends in UL?

Here’s 3 ways that you can meet new people according to Italian student Clara Rosina!

1 Day Trip to Blarney Castle and Cork City

Student ambassador Jian Yang is back with another blog, this time describing his unforgettable trip to Blarney Castle and Cork city organised by UL! Hello to everyone, here is to another end of a semester, I hope those reading my blogs have read my previous blogs before. If yes, thank you very much and I…

3 Cafés to Visit in Limerick City

Limerick is filled with cute, cozy and quirky cafes on all corners of every street. Slovenian Erasmus student Linda, takes us through her favourite spots to unwind and enjoy some golden coffee! These cafes are definitely worth checking out… Don’t believe us? Just see what Linda has to say.. The pictures speak for themselves! We…