UL: a truly international experience! By Bikash Guha

Bikash Guha is an Indian student at the University of Limerick, studying MSc International & Global Business. Here, he talks about the uniquely international experience he has encountered at UL! 


Yes, you’ve heard that right!

I always used to hear this phrase prior to the commencement and even after I started my masters here at Kemmy Business School, University of Limerick. The journey of my masters started back in August 2016 when I was accepted for MSc in International management and global business. I still can’t thank enough my course director Dr. John McCarthy, department of management, KBS for accepting me on this course and providing me with this once in a life time opportunity.

Let me share my experience with you of why UL experience is truly international in nature.

First of all, if you do a basic research on the courses and the subsequent modules offered by UL, you’ll find that the combination of the modules UL offers is actually much better than even of some ivy league universities.

The Bloomberg Terminal, UL

As well as this, it’s affordable!

As a topping on the cake, UL offers it to you at the most affordable tuition fee with loads of scholarships to grab on!

UL is highly accredited at international level.

It was a proud moment for all of us when few weeks back, the researchers from the UL medical school redefined Grey’s Anatomy by discovering a new organ “mesentery” in the human body. It has actually made the medical books to be rewritten all over the world.

Even my personal experience has been no less than a fairy tale.

As a part of my course module, I have done live projects and assignments on a virtual platform leading a team of undergraduates from another ivy league university in the United States. I’ve classmates from all over the world which makes the learning experience much more enriching. One of our course modules included all of us to undergo a live consulting project at an international location. We were taken for a week long international business trip to South Africa where we collaborated with Stellenbosch Business School, University of Stellenbosch to undertake a live project with local enterprises in Cape town. Being taught on local as well as international economic, political and financial scenarios by renowned faculty, is a kind of experience very few business schools can offer.

A class trip to Stellenbosch Business School, South Africa!

So now I know when people around me shout it out loud, “UL .. the truly international experience!!” You won’t know it until you live it! So come, be a part of it and make the difference.

Peace out!!


Thank you to Bikash for sharing his story with us! Find out more information for Indian students applying to UL.

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