Finding Love While Studying Abroad in Ireland

Angie is an MA Journalism student from the US  who returned to University of Limerick after her Study Abroad semester. Here, she tells us her story of finding love while studying abroad, and her top tips for dealing with long distance relationships. Read to the end for some surprise news! I first came to UL…

How Studying Abroad Has Changed My Perspective

Katherine Keatley is a psychology student from Texas, studying abroad at the University of Limerick. Here, she explores the changes in perspective that have come about through her experience studying abroad in Ireland.

Canada vs Ireland by UL International Student Valerie Grignon

by UL International Student Ambassador Valerie Grignon I was born and have always lived in Montreal, Canada, which I guess is different from the rest of the country itself. Now that I have been in Ireland for about 3 months, I am starting to see and understand how this beautiful country and its inhabitants are…

From China to The University of Limerick

By UL International Student Ambassador Rae Fan Check out University of Limerick My name is Rae, an international student from China. This is my first time to come to Ireland. The scenery in UL is very attractive, especially the Shannon River, therefore I took many photos when I came across the living bridge on campus…

My Top 4 Favorite Places at UL

Everything is better when you’re with friends. I met these people the first week I was here and somehow we haven’t got sick of each other yet. You can usually find us in one of our apartments playing Spoons or watching movies. We also frequent the climbing wall and the Stables pub on campus. I know it’s cheesy, but these people have been the best (and most interesting) people I could’ve asked for during my time abroad! Here are my top 4 places in UL

UL Student Bobby Nolan on Hong Kong!

“I am currently on a student exchange with an Erasmus+ international credit mobility grant here in Hong Kong, which will be my new home for this semester. I am already here over a month and have enjoyed every second. The culture, the place and most importantly the people have surpassed all my expectations. Settling in was no problem as all the exchange students are very open minded and outgoing. I’d made over 10 friends before I’d even left the airport to go the University and I’m now good pals with over 200 more.