A Night at UL Craft Society

University is about new experiences – In this blog Kerry writes about a night at UL Craft Society, one of the many student societies present at UL

By Kerry Houlihan

This year I was determined to try new things, so this semester I joined the UL Craft Society. As someone who is not very artistic, I knew joining the UL craft society would allow me to try new things at a low cost. So far, I have been able to create a variety of things ranging from crocheting to clay modeling which were included in the membership fee. During the most recent event, we created tote bags with Irish proverbs.

A typical weekly meeting is as follows. We meet in the class where the committee has the weekly supplies required for the craft waiting for us. When the meeting begins, a committee member will discuss the weekly craft and provide tutorials and ideas. Then, you have the opportunity to try the craft for the remaining of the time. During this time, mellow music is being played and conversation is flowing. The club is social, so while you work you have the opportunity to chat with those around you.

For this week, we created tote bag with Irish proverbs. For my tote bag, I utilized the proverb “Aithníonn ciaróg, ciaróg eile” which translates to “A beetle recognises another beetle” which means “takes one to know one”. Here is a picture of my tote bag:

While I am not the most talented person, I had the best time creating this tote bag with the UL craft society. I highly recommend joining the society as they accept everyone regardless of your artistic ability and it provides a great way to try new things each week.


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