Global Interviews: Sonya San

University is a place to practice your passions, to learn and grow in the skills that matter to you. Providing this experience to students is a top priority at UL. I recently spoke to Sonya San, a third year Law plus student from Malaysia. I wanted to know how successful UL has been in providing an environment for practising her passions and growing her skills.

Global Interviews: Arisha Atif

College has always been a place where people come to find themselves. A place where they can shake off the old, find out who they really are, and truly begin to express themselves. College is an adventure, one student who really exemplifies this is Arisha Atif, a young Pakistani woman studying Politics and International Relations at the University of Limerick

Global Interviews: Ng Wee Jian “David”

In this interview I sat down with David, a Masters aeronautical engineering student to discuss what makes studying this subject at UL so special, and why he came to Ireland to study it.

A Night at UL Craft Society

University is about new experiences – In this blog Kerry writes about a night at UL Craft Society, one of the many student societies present at UL

Cycling as a UL Student

Using a bike is an efficient, and environmentally friendly alternative to the bus, or taxis when getting around Limerick. In this article Cosmos Omoregie gives some tips and tricks to cycling around UL In Limerick, transportation is not restricted to buses or taxis. Bicycles are a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative for students to…

Summing Up: The Student Ambassador Programme

If you’re joining us at UL next semester, why not apply for our student ambassador programme? Every blog that we post, like this one by Arun Rajeev, is written by a student like you, so read on to find out more! I joined UL in September 2020 as a Postgraduate student. I was excited and…

Erasmus overseas – would I do it again?

This past year, not everyone has been able to have the same Erasmus experience that you might expect. This blog by Student Ambassador Magdalena Szymanska tells us about how she found her virtual semester abroad! Since I can remember, Erasmus has been my dream. I found out about the program when I was a little…

Staying Well With UL

University can be challenging socially, especially during a pandemic. This blog from Student Ambassador Afroja Ahmed shows us that there are plenty of ways to stay well and keep connected with the community! We are currently living in uncertain times with the outbreak of COVID-19. During times like this, our faith can be challenged, and…

My Life in Limerick

Making the decision to study abroad can be intimidating, especially because it involves moving your whole life to somewhere new. This blog from Student Ambassador Afrah AlLawati might just make you realise that coming to Limerick could be one of the best decisions you ever make… Let’s face it. Living in Limerick was one of…

Erasmus during a pandemic – was it worth it?

As this academic year comes to an end, we can look back on a time that was truly unprecedented and like nothing that we had known before. Find out more about how the past semester went for Student Ambassador Robin Luger, and see how they experienced Ireland despite COVID restrictions. Now that my Erasmus experience,…

Making every penny count!

While studying abroad can give you invaluable life experience, it can be quite costly. This blog from Student Ambassador Sonya San gives some great advice on how to keep your grocery expenses low to free up some of your budget for fun! Some students might have a tight budget like I do when studying abroad….


As COVID-19 restrictions ease, you may be interested in travelling through all of Ireland and seeing the amazing scenery that the country has to offer. This blog by Godswill Dagogo Jumbo brings us through his trip to Donegal, and might give you some inspiration on where to go next! Sometimes school can be really stressful…