Student Tested & Approved: 9 Best Things to do in Limerick


In this collaborative blog, international students at the University of Limerick pick their best tried & tested things to do in Limerick city. Find out what students from the US, Romania, Germany and more have been getting up to while studying at UL!

The town of Limerick has many hidden gems, but sometimes they are so hidden it can be hard to discover them on your own. Our ambassador team has given some of their favourite places to see, visit, eat and much more in Limerick. Try them out for yourself and see if you agree!

  1. Dolan’s Pub


“Every night of the week starting after 9pm, Dolan’s Pub in the city center has live Trad (traditional Irish music) sessions, and if you’re lucky there’ll be a dancer among the audience moved enough to dance! The food is also incredible, so grab a few friends and catch a late dinner and enjoy!” [Editors note: Dolan’s is rumoured to be more student friendly and more lively late in the week and on weekends!]

-Ahnika White, USA

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2. Irish Chamber Orchestra Concert


“If you happen to see a poster or hear something about a concert by the Irish Chamber Orchestra, make sure you don’t miss it! They are absolutely amazing and will definitely surprise you. You might end up listening to the Jungle Book soundtrack (I mean the Bare Necessities!) in St. Mary’s Cathedral or hear Jimi Hendrix and The Rolling Stones like you’ve never heard them before. These people don’t just stick to the classics and they are quite energetic and creative so for sure you’ll be charmed by them.”

-Andreea-Ioana Păpurică, Romania

3. The Locke Bar


“The Locke is a nice restaurant and pub next to the Shannon River on George’s Quay. They serve delicious courses and desserts, especially the main courses are marvellous. My favourites are Fish & Chips and Irish Stew. Yummy! If you have an early dinner you can catch traditional Irish music and dance.”

-Anastasiya Kosyk, Germany

4. Coqbull Restaurant (& Aroi Asian Street Food)


“For restaurant you need to visit COQBULL which is a BBQ place which focuses on burgers and wings they are truly amazing. If you prefer Asian food I would recommend that you check out Aroi – Asian street food they have truly amazing duck with red curry sauce. I seldom buy the same thing twice since I wanna try out new stuff, but I had to buy the same dish twice.”

– Kristian A Moe, Norway

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5. Salsa!


“Salsa!! There are a number of places to learn and practice social dancing in the city on Thursday and Friday nights. Here are some suggestions:

-Celina Jaffe, USA

6. The Stormy Teacup


“What about a cup of hot chocolate on a rainy winter day?! Visit The Stormy Teacup! This little cozy Café has the best hot chocolate in whole Limerick. You can try many different types of hot chocolate. Either you like the sweet galaxy or the stronger Belgian one,  or maybe orange? As well you can get tasty pastries, play some games with your friends or read one of the books. This cute Café has a great atmosphere and always worth a visit. You can find it hidden in the Foxes Bow in Limerick City (near William Street).”

– Anastasiya Kosyk, Germany

7. Rugby in Thomond Park


“Rugby!! Spending the afternoon at Thomond park watching Munster Rugby was so much fun. Since rugby is one of the biggest sports here in Limerick it is definitely worth checking out. Even for those with little interest in professional sports, it’ll be a great day that you can’t experience anywhere else. Check out their website for their upcoming games! For an even better experience get tickets in the standing area (less than €10 for students) – there will surely be a nice, enthusiastic fan who is happy to help out with the rules and with what’s going!” [Editors note: you can also book tickets to tour the stadium and check out the museum!]

-Viktoria Gerger, Austria

8. Petit Paris Cafe


“Need an adorable place to successfully get your caffeine fix AND some good breakfast? Check out Petit Paris Cafe in Limerick! Located on the corner of Henry Street, ivy clings up the side of the brick exterior of the shop, with the most adorable little flower boxes accenting the white windows. Though I myself got a really good caramel macchiato they do have a wide variety of different coffee drinks, both sweet and not, as well as some tea options. Breakfast can range from the full Irish breakfast to omelets to bagels, though if you’re not too hungry they also have some really good pastries like croissants and muffins, too. The place is complete with a surprising amount of room to sit and enjoy your beverage and some really pretty interior design, definitely go check this place out.”

-Carrie Burns, USA

9. The Limerick Milk Market


“The Limerick Milk Market is a must for any study abroad student, or any student for that matter. They have fresh and local snacks, meals, coffee, and produce. Saturday morning is definitely the best time to go, as it’s the busiest and has the most vendors. If you’re lucky you’ll catch some type of performance; I’ve seen dance, fiddle, harp and singing! It’s a great place to enjoy a good meal, hangout with friends, or take your family if they come visit.”

– Jenna Steadman, Canada

Hopefully you’re able to take some time and explore some of Limerick’s treasures. There’s certainly something for everyone!

Thanks to Jenna Steadman for compiling this collaborative piece! Check out her Beginner’s Guide To Weekend Trips and 28 Irish Slang Words You Need to Know


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