September Favourites: Limerick City Food & Drink

Erasmus student at the University of Limerick, Aleksandra, gives us her favourite food products in this September edition of her Limerick Favourites series!

1. Peanut Butter Perfection ~ Milk Market

You should really try this one! In an era of peanut butter that almost doesn’t taste like peanuts and is mostly palm oil, it is great to find something so simple and delicious on the Milk Market. This homemade peanut butter has only 4 ingredients! Peanuts, Madagascar vanilla, sea salt and stevia. As it has no palm oil — I’m sure, I asked — the consistency is quite liquid. Real joy in a jar!

Check out NutShed at the Limerick Milk Market!


2. Hummus  ~ Milk Market

Although Limerick is even farther away from Egypt than my home town, I discovered a larger variety of hummus right here! On the Milk Market to be more specific. There is Basil-Cumin Hummus and Spicy Red Pepper Hummus, but the Tahini one is really good as well! Besides, all the olives surrounding them are also worth a try!

3. Cake ~ UL Farmer’s Market

The story behind me discovering this food stall is quite funny. I was stuck with a spider for two days. & no, it wasn’t small. So I asked my flatmate to help me get to rid of it. We didn’t kill it, though. She simply threw it out of the window. What a courageous woman! That was apparently a Tuesday, because I bought her a tartelette as a thank you. I bought myself one too. I got one with blueberries and one with raspberries and coconut. Very soft, very fluffy and so good!
From what I’ve noticed, they also sell fresh bread, cookies, brownies, carrot cake and so much more! I encourage you to go and make this lovely lady’s day!
The UL Farmers’ Market takes place every Tuesday

4. Bread ~ Milk Market

Life full of toasts and bagels is lovely. However, sometimes all you need is freshly baked bread. There are multiple stalls on the Milk Market, but somehow I chose this one. They sell different kinds of bread, but my favourite ones are the special ones. Sundried Tomato or Cheddar & Onion, YES please! They are on the pricey side, but I love the taste of it!

Check out the Alternative Bread Company at the Limerick Milk Market!


5. Garrett’s

In the 21st century, more and more people refuse to eat meat. Others still love it.
For those who do eat meat, you might find this butcher’s shop nice. They have all kinds of meat, but that’s not the point. Most of them are already well-seasoned and ready to cook! Spicy, curry or veggie, you’ll find it there! Besides, it really doesn’t cost a lot!

They are located conveniently right across from the main university entrance: check out their website!

6. Rosé West Coast Cooler

At the whole beginning of my Erasmus adventure some wise man told us: “Do not only hydrate in Ireland”. I find it a good metaphor! There’s much more to discover than only the alcohol in pubs. However, when you go to a session and you feel like having a drink, you’re not sinning either.

Even though there’s so much to choose from, I found my favourite thanks to my friend Julie. It is basically sparkling wine, but slightly sweeter. You can choose from the Original West Coast Cooler, which is white wine and the Rosé West Coast Cooler , which is obviously rosé.

7. Decaf Green Tea 

I am slightly obsessed with Irish sunsets and exceptional products. Green tea is super healthy. Unfortunately caffeine isn’t my best friend. When I saw this at Tesco, I simply had to buy it! It is Fairtrade Decaf Green Tea from Clipper. Besides, they care about the details as well! One side of the box says: “We never add anything artificial, we don’t even bleach our bags” and “This box is biodegradable and can be recycled”. I’ve got nothing to add!

8. My Health is my Wealth! ~ Milk Market

I went to the Milk Market on Saturday and I noticed this one stall. It looks really healthy! Their main idea are Wheatgrass Shots. Super healthy, but I’m honestly not a huge fan of it. I should be. I know! However, they also sell great juices! I bought the Beetroot Celery n Carrot Juice! I must admit, it is a good combination! I’m using way too many exclamation marks in this paragraph, haha! The lady selling it is also very friendly and full of energy. It must be the Wheatgrass! Should I challenge myself and drink one every month?

Check out The Wheatgrass Fairy at the Limerick Milk Market!

9. Organic Veggies ~ Milk Market

I’m sure there are many other great stalls, but this will be the last one for today! Here, you can buy all kinds of Organic Herbs and Vegetables. It is definitely smaller than the other stalls with vegetables, but the quality cannot be undermined!

Aleksandra Lepowska is an Erasmus student at the University of Limerick, here for one semester. Read about her Trip to the Aran Islands on the blog. 
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