“Inis Oirr, it is Oirr Beauty”: Aleksandra’s Trip to the Aran Islands

Aleksandra Lepowska is an Erasmus student at the University of Limerick from Brussells Belgium, but originally from Poland. She is studying Applied Linguistics for one semester at UL. The UL Student’s Union organizes many fantastic trips around Ireland for international students, and this blog is about one of them!


Hello Guys!

 Last weekend I went on my First Trip organised by the UL Wolves, which is our Students’ Union.
I visited one of the Arann Islands!
The trip poster: check out the Irish names!
I know you’re going to Google all the names on the poster, because none of them rings a bell. Another reason why, is because they’re all Irish. So you’ll probably make some typos while trying to look them up. Just sayin’!
I’m not going to talk about the tourist attractions, that is all part of your adventure!
I’m here to give you some tips, so you’ll enjoy that day even more!

Uimhir 1. (We’re in Ireland, I suppose.)

First thing is the journey in the coach. Expect Irish music. An overdose of Irish music! It felt as if we  celebrated my first month in Ireland. The high notes and joyful instruments make you happy at first. However, after a certain time you start looking around, hoping that somebody’s facial expression will match yours.

One time the pause lasted for longer than 3 seconds. We thought we could finally enjoy the silence! A sudden “thank you” was followed by a short applause. Unfortunately, the guide only changed the CD.

Uimhir 2. Ferry Ferry Frightening. 

If your mom told you to watch out, she was probably right AGAIN. 

Even though I am an anxious person, I felt calm about the ferry. Those boats sail to and fro every day. So it must be safe, right? 

Check out Aleksandra’s clip of the ferry ride!
Here are a few tips from me to you: 


 A) Let me go straight to the point. People throw up downstairs. They should put a sign over there “Only for Hard-Core Adventurers”.
B) The waves get too excited sometimes, so your shoes and pants will probably get wet downstairs.
C) When sitting upstairs, hold light things that might fly away. They will feel free as birds and won’t hesitate to act like it. Our guide lost his lovely hat from AustraliaPoor Cillian.
D) If too many people around you start feeling nauseous, shout “DOLPHINS!” and everybody is going to feel much more excited. I’m pretty sure I saw two dolphins, though!

Uimhir 3. FUDGE! (Should be Uimhir 1.)


As you leave the ferry, you will walk in the direction of the beach and you should notice a wooden stall on the right side. If you love fudge or still need to try some, you should definitely go for this one! 
In general I can keep myself under control. However, this time I failed. Fudge is so sweet! But at the same time so soft and pretty and small, that it makes you think “Eating a 5th piece of fudge is really not such a big deal!” It won’t make you feel guilty, it’s too good to be bad!

Uimhir 4.Ocean, Stones & Cows.

When we arrived, I thought we would walk around with the guide and he would tell us some fun facts about the monuments and the landscape. 
That wasn’t the case. We got a piece of paper with some info and it was actually all up to us. So don’t panic, because you will lose the guide several times, but you’ll realise at the end of the trip that was actually the point.
We walked around on the Inis Oirr, breathing in the fresh air and enjoying the beautiful view. On one side, the Atlantic Ocean, on the other side the green fields with some cows and horses. Under your feet, all kinds of stones, making relaxing sounds as you step on them. Surrounded by salty air. You really feel in peace with nature on the Arann Islands. 

 That’s it! I won’t spoil the whole trip. Here were FOUR Tips from me to you.
♣︎ I know, we all had serious luggage restrictions coming to Ireland, but walking shoes are always a good idea
♣︎ Get enough sleep, because it is lots of upward walking
♣︎ When it comes to clothes, it’s all about layers – a raincoat and a backpack might make your day easier
♣︎ You will enjoy it for sure and you’ll smile right before falling asleep while the waves still seem to sway you.
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  1. Louise South says:

    Thanks for the blog entries–I’ll be visiting in September and tips for surviving the ferry trip over were very helpful!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s great to hear! Glad you found us 🙂


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