Global Interviews: Ng Wee Jian “David”

By Jack Trehy, In conversation with Ng Wee Jian “David”

In this interview I sat down with David, a master’s aeronautical engineering student to discuss what makes studying this subject at UL so special, and why he came to Ireland to study it.

The University of Limerick (UL) is renowned for offering an exceptional learning experience in the field of aeronautical engineering. The institution is unique as it provides students with the opportunity to complete both a bachelor’s and a master’s program in the field, which has attracted many students from around the world. One such student is Ng Wee Jian, also known as David, who hails from Malaysia and chose to study at UL for his undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in aeronautical engineering. I recently sat down with David to ask him why he chose to study at UL.

David gave me two reasons why he believes UL’s program is so great. Firstly, the university has invested in top-of-the-range equipment, which provides students with practical experience and gives them a competitive edge in the job market. This hands-on experience is critical in the field of aeronautical engineering, where theory must be combined with practical skills to design, maintain, and build aircraft. He especially praised the “machines that create exposure, so the students can really experience what it’s going to be like being an aeronautical engineer”.

Secondly, David praised the staff at UL, describing them as incredibly supportive. He highlighted the willingness of the teachers to offer guidance and support, whether it be for a thesis or a personal issue. David said that he has never encountered a member of staff at UL who’s office doors were not open to a person in need.

“[They] give the space for the us to really think and do all of the equations and discover mathematical possibilities ourselves”


David’s passion for aeronautical engineering was evident during our conversation. It is field that obviously requires intelligence and a strong passion for the subject. When I asked him about his plans after completing his studies, he said that he intended to stay in Ireland for the foreseeable future. Ireland is an international hub for the aircraft leasing industry, and many employers are eager to hire graduates from UL. As a master’s student, David is eligible for a 2 year stay back visa, in order to give him the time and space to find work in Ireland. David told me he was motivated by the opportunities available in Ireland and the friendliness of the people, stating that he would love to work with people who are as nice as his teachers and classmates at UL.

In conclusion, the University of Limerick offers a world-class learning experience in aeronautical engineering, and students like David testify to its success. The practical experience and support provided by the institution have helped students to develop the practical and mathematical skills necessary for success in the field. The opportunities available in Ireland’s thriving aircraft leasing industry provide a compelling reason for graduates to stay in the country after completing their studies.

“Back home, studying is just studying…. in Ireland that’s not at all the same”


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