As COVID-19 restrictions ease, you may be interested in travelling through all of Ireland and seeing the amazing scenery that the country has to offer. This blog by Godswill Dagogo Jumbo brings us through his trip to Donegal, and might give you some inspiration on where to go next!

Sometimes school can be really stressful and you wonder if there are ways to relax after exams are all over. Well for me, I decided to make every day count during the holiday season and hence my travel to County Donegal for the first time since I landed in Ireland.

Donegal is a beautiful county in the Republic of Ireland and it shares a boundary with Northern Ireland. My trip began with travelling to Dublin from UL on a Friday morning. On getting to Dublin, I had breakfast at a coffee shop along the Bachelors Walk in Dublin City Centre. I had no idea on how to get the bus to Donegal so I began asking questions in the coffee shop then I was later directed to the Tourist Information Office where I got every detail I needed included the time the bus was to leave Dublin for Donegal.

Moving to the bus station, there was a bit of waiting with other travellers as the bus is scheduled to run thrice daily. After waiting for one hour, the John Mckinley bus finally arrived and I happily hopped in for this adventure. To be honest, I have never gone on a tour unguided before. This was actually my first, and I was so happy and nervous at the same time.

It was a four hour journey from Dublin and I was a bit too tired to look up the time in between so I succumbed to sleeping. I slept almost half way to the journey then there was a 15 minute stop to go shopping and I hurriedly jumped off the bus for some food. When the time elapsed, we all hopped in again for another two hours.

On my arrival to Donegal, I stopped my the Pub called Teach Hiudi Beag which was popular for Irish Traditional Music. Afterwards, I lodged into my hostel – Errigal Hostel which I booked online before making the trip. I had a hot shower, ate dinner and slept off.

The following morning was a busy day as residents in the hostel went hiking to the mountain. It was a fun moment for everyone asides myself as I am scared of heights plus my shoes did not allow me go up. Always remember to come along with hiking kits cause you’d need them. Since I never had, I immediately got back to my accommodation and slept again.

Next day was a beach day, I visited the most famous beach close to the Donegal Airport. It was indeed a beautiful scenery as I walked with friends round the beach and made new friends too.

I would recommend going on a trip down to Donegal when you are free. You would not regret it, trust me.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog.

Thank you.


Godswill Dagogo Jumbo, Nigeria

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