My First Experience of Limerick

In this artice, Tanvi Parab, a student ambassador at the University of Limerick, shares with us her first time properly exploring the campus and the city centre. Read on to find out some more interesting facts about Limerick city!

It was mesmerising to have come to Ireland for my masters by itself, but my visit to the university campus on the first day was super special.

It was my birthday, first day after my self isolation, just Google maps and me. I headed to the campus thinking I would be back home in an hour. The campus itself is so huge and pretty that I spent nearly 4 hours roaming about, all by myself.

My favourite spot of all is the water fountain by the Plassey house at the University. Nothing great about it but the rustling of leaves and sound of water calms me down. It soothes the soul and gives me a fresh mind with my assignments. COVID times can be consuming sometimes especially as an International student. We do get a lot of support but this fountain and the giant tree there have become my lockdown buddies.

Some other great places I visited around Limerick are the Milk market, the lanes behind King John’s castle with brilliant street art on their walls, river trails, I can go on and on about them. Ireland is like a second home tome now and I am glad I choose Limerick!

Here are some interesting facts about this great city:

Limerick City’s motto is “Urbs antiqua fuit studisque asperrima belli” (an ancient city well studied in the arts of war) which is a quote from Aeneid, an epic poem by the Ancient Roman poet Virgil.

Limerick is known as the Treaty City: The city earned this name as the Treaty of Limerick was signed here in October 1691 . We also have a beer brand named treaty city nd that’s the most carbonated beer found here.

You can walk across the River Shannon from Co. Limerick to Co. Clare by the beautiful River walk in just 45 mins.

Limerick is the only Irish town to give its name to a style of poetry, said to come from the works of Seán Ó Tuama and Aindrias MacCraith.

“The ‘limerick’ can be furtive and mean,

You must keep her in close quarantine,

Or she sneaks to the slums,

And promptly becomes,

Disorderly, drunk, and obscene.”

The Tallest Cathedral for the Longest time is at our very own city centre: St John’s Cathedral, whose tower is 93.95 metres in height. It has been Ireland’s tallest building for 121 years since its completion in 1883.

The Living Bridge at University of Limerick is 350 m long and the largest pedestrian bridge in Ireland. It’s a beautiful sight and lights up like a Christmas tree every night.


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