The History of the Stables Club

The Stables is one of the most iconic landmarks on the University of Limerick campus. In this blog, Student Ambassador Soham Joshi tells us about UL students’ favourite social spot, and the history behind it.

The Stables Club is probably one of the most well-known facilities in the university of Limerick amongst the students and UL staff alike. Founded in 1987, just 10 years after the university was established, The Stables Club or Stables as known by the students rose to its popularity since day one and is growing since. Their dedication and best possible service has been the reason for their success. The management team has remained same since its opening and is not afraid to keep changing and evolving throughout the years. The food, entertainment, social connect and good memories in general has not only influenced the current students but has also brought back past students saying or rather telling us how the club has influenced their college days.

 Stables offers a large variety of food and beverage items which run throughout the entire day consisting of breakfast, lunch and dinner along with customizable made to order food items. The breakfast features a full Irish breakfast for 6.10 EUR, along with heathy food items like porridge and homemade pancakes. The most famous and well-known item on the menu is the hot chicken roll for 5.90 EUR served with fries which is available during lunch along with different kinds of other delicacies. The dinner menu consists of different meals with an option for tea, coffee or a pint of beer available. Sweet waffles with ice-cream, fresh muffins and chocolate brownies are there for people who have a sweet tooth.

Along with the food the Stables club also has a provision for entertainment. The club holds an international night every Friday which is run by the International Society. The club also showcases matches played in different sporting events on their plasma screen.

 All the food, entertainment and the people in general make the Stables Club the most important UL tradition.


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