A Day in Limerick with less than €10

Looking for a way to spend time in Limerick without having to spend too much? Read through this great list of ideas by Student Ambassador Caroline Brasileiro Pena, and get some inspiration for your own day out!

            For those looking for spending a sunny day in Limerick city with small budget but still in high style, here goes some tips:

           Begin your walk from St. John’s Cathedral, a stunning Catholic cathedral built in 1861 that features the Ireland’s tallest spire, rising to 94m.

            Heading up to King John’s Castle, you are going to pass by St. Mary’s Cathedral, an imposing 12th century building with large stained-glass windows and a small burial ground, much common in ancient cathedrals across the country.

            Next up, the King John’s castle, located on a strategic site on the banks of River Shannon, at the heart of Limerick’s medieval quarter, dates back to the 12th-13th centuries, and hides secrets from even early times, when the land was occupied by the Norman followed by Vikings. It’s worth a paid entrance, but the view from outside is astonishing enough if you’re budget-tight.

            Crossing the bridge, there’s a small cosy church with a garden and nice architecture, the St. Munchin’s church, and a breath-taking pathway along River Shannon. 

            The River Shannon is the longest river in the island of Ireland, and drains the Shannon River Basin which has an area of one fifth of the area of the island. Limerick city stands at the point where the river water meets the sea water from the Shannon estuary. It provides many nice views, allows aquatic sports and is from economic importance.

            The walk along the river is very pleasant, and leads you towards Westfield Wetlands, where ducks and swans can be seen in the lakes.

            Crossing Shannon Bridge, you’re back at the heart of the city and can enjoy nice cafes, People’s Park, Tait’s Clock, the iconic Milk Market, and many other monuments and churches.

            To finish the afternoon, have a go on the Ferris wheel located at Arthur’s Quay. It’ll cost you only €5 if you hold a student card or €6 otherwise.


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