Accommodation options in UL

If you are considering the University of Limerick for your degree, Erasmus, or study abroad, you might be looking into your potential housing choices. Find out more about living near the university in this informative blog by Student Ambassador Luyi Wu!

There are two options for renting a house in UL, one is a student village and the other is to rent a house off-campus. Let’s go through each option together:

Student villages on campus are generally a bit more expensive than off-campus rented accommodation, but they are fully equipped and include bills. In the student village, you can meet friends from different countries, and some activities are often held to facilitate students to make friends. Each village has a reception. If you have any questions, please go to the reception. The price of a student village varies according to the location you choose. There are currently eight student villages in the school, namely: Plassey Village, Kilmurry Village, Thomond Village, Cappavilla Village, Dromroe Village, The Quigley Residence, Troy Village (Off-Campus), Groody Village (Off-Campus).

Plassy Village is located at the main entrance of the school, divided into four-person houses and eight-person houses. The scenery is beautiful, and the 304 station is directly opposite, so it is very convenient to go to the city centre or the supermarket.

Kilmurry Village is close to the school’s gymnasium and all the sports facilities in the school, suitable for people who like to exercise. Generally divided into six-person dormitories and eight-person dormitories.

Thomond Village is located on the side of the bridge across the Shannon River. The scenery is very beautiful. It is close to the language centre of the school, about 10 minutes on foot. This student apartment is divided into 2/4/6 person apartments.

Cappavilla Village is the closest to the Health Sciences building and the Irish World Academy, about a 5-minute walk, so it is very convenient for students who are taking classes at these two colleges to choose this apartment. This apartment is divided into 2/4/6 person apartments.

Dromroe Village has the most complete facilities. There are restaurants and small supermarkets in the community, so it is very convenient. It is the closest to the language centre, about 5 minutes, and it is also very convenient to go to Kemmy Business School. This apartment has a 2/6 person apartment and also a family suite.

The Quigley Residence is specially provided for graduate students. It is divided into 2/4 person apartments and shares reception with Cappavilla Village.

Troy Village (Off-Campus) is located outside the campus, about 15-20 minutes to walk to the main building, but very close to the bus station and supermarket. It has apartments for 2/3/4/5/6/7 people.

Groody Village (Off-Campus) is very close to the Troy village, about 20 minutes away from the main building of the school. It has apartments for 3/6 people.

In all student dormitories, the on-campus apartments are slightly more expensive than off-campus apartments. Students can choose different apartments according to their needs.

If you choose to rent a house off-campus by yourself, the price will be cheaper than on-campus. The renting conditions will be a bit different than the student apartment, most of which do not include the bill. You can choose a house you like on and and contact the landlord by yourself.

I hope that whatever accommodation you choose- whether it be on campus or off campus, that you enjoy your time here at UL! I have no doubt you will!

By Luyi Wu


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