Tips on where to find vegan food

Buying food for specific dietary needs can be difficult when you don’t know where to look. UL Student Ambassador Robin Luger tells us how they find vegan-friendly food around Limerick city, read on to find out more!

Coming from Austria, with a huge selection of plant-based food in every supermarket, I was a tad shocked by how hard it was to find enough vegan substitutes to continue eating like I did back home. That is not to say that there aren’t enough possibilities for your plant-based diet, you just have to know where to look for it.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

The easy part was finding meat substances, close to every shop has them, whether it be burgers patties or minced “meat”; usually they are found right next to the tofu. They also all carry plant drinks, at least soy and oat milk.

A bit more tricky was finding breakfast supplies. If you don’t want to eat your bread dry and need something other than jam, here are my tips for you:

There is a Polish shop close to university, called Polonez, in which you can get all sorts of things, like loose vegetables and fruits, but also vegan pâté, pictured below.

Dunnes, mere minutes away from this shop, offers the widest variety of vegan substitutes I have yet come across. There you can find numerous different flavours of hummus, not only good for dipping, but also for bread. If you also need dips, look no further than Dunnes again, they got vegan mayonnaise and other sauces to spice up your roasted veggies for example.

If you’re more the sweet type, there is something for you as well! Spar doesn’t offer a lot, but they got some vegan chocolate cream, if that’s more your jam. And if you are craving chocolate itself, I recommend Moser Roth, sold in Aldi, which is not only sold in various flavours and vegan, but also FairTrade certified.

And my absolute top tip is to scope out the Asian shops in Limerick town – like Cheong Heng Hong Oriental Supermarket – where not only you can get bulk or rice, lentils or flour, but they also have stuff like soy chunks, which goes really well in a chili sin carne.

Hope this helps your vegan cravings a bit and makes your arrival a bit easier!


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