Planning your Virtual Day is the Key!

Structuring your day when working from home can be difficult. Read on for some advice from Student Ambassador Neha Chopra, and see what she recommends to make your time a little more productive!

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The most negative word of 2020 was “Positive”. Everybody wished that they do not test COVID-19 positive. There is no denying the fact that we are passing a phase of life that will be noted in the history. Not only we need to pass this unprecedented time, but also to get the most out of this time. Nowhere to go out, dress up, do make up, still at the end of the day you should be happy and grateful both.

As a student, coping with everything along with managing studies is really tough. Our life can’t be at a standstill. Without going to college, we still need to have a schedule to decrease the potential stress building up. Our schedules can be repetitive due to virtual classes. “Give yourself a pat on your back for surviving all the tough times”. Here are some few tips to plan your virtual day.


Since we don’t have to go to college, it doesn’t mean that you can use more time to sleep and skip meals. Wake up and get ready well and enjoy your breakfast. Treat yourself with good food. The first meal of the day be it a coffee with a sandwich must be enjoyed. This would make you more energetic and less lazy.

Walk or Exercise

The only reason we have to go out is exercise now a days. Utilize this opportunity and enjoy the scenic beauty of Limerick and admire nature. Be ready in your workout clothes, plug in your favourite music and go out for a jog, walk or exercise, whatever makes you active.


Of course you will attend your classes and study, Afterall this is the main thing you are here for. Even if it is virtual, stay connected with your classmates. You can meet virtually with your classmates and still have those conversations that you would have done in the classrooms

Me Time

In all this schedule, never forget to take a moment for yourself. Being not okay is okay. We are human beings with emotions. We all have low and high times. If you feel stressed, talk to your roommates, watch a movie on Netflix, get some good food delivered, take a nap and be calm. Chill with whatever makes you happy. Try to learn any new skill day by day that will keep you involved. Take it bit by bit and you will adapted well in your schedule.

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you”- Anne Lamott

By Neha Chopra


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