Volunteering with Engineers

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we are sharing this blog by Student Ambassador Hanan Alquirash, who took the opportunity to volunteer with school children to encourage learning in engineering fields. It is so important for young people to see themselves represented in different areas of life, and hopefully role models like Hanan will enable girls to feel more confident in traditionally masculine subjects.

Studying in Ireland gave me the opportunity to volunteer in several things either with UL or by myself with anything in general. I had a great and fantastic opportunity to volunteer with engineers Ireland. I worked with them in the STEPS young Engineers Award where I volunteered my time to visit two schools and talk to them about engineering.

As a current engineering student and in my first year of study this was a big step for me. Before my visits I was a little bit nervous because I didn’t do presentation in front of young people and I felt like it was a huge responsibility. Unfortunately, my visits were virtual due to Covid situation, but to be honest it went so great. Shaping young minds and see them excited about engineering it was very satisfying. I liked how the kids were so into engineering as when they presented their projects to me they were playing the role of engineers so well which was very amusing and fascinating to me.

At the end of the visits I have inspired 12 Elementary students into going to the engineering fields, they had fun and the learn from me which was so amazing for me as I didn’t expect that at all. They taught me more than I taught them and I am so thankful for this amazing opportunity which I might do it again if I had the chance.


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