Trails of UL – A solace during the lockdown

It can be hard to stay close to home lately, but that makes it all the more important to appreciate what we have on our doorsteps. In this blog, UL Student Ambassador Arun Rajeev shows us how he explored the campus and reconnected with nature.

The pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have made venturing out exploring new places or meeting people next to impossible. The University of Limerick has a beautiful campus that has been a boon and the numerous trails within the campus have been a solace. Taking a walk through these picturesque trails has helped to cope with the stressful academic schedule and deadlines. It has been a journey of discovery, opening up numerous scenic spots that subsequently have become frames to my camera. While it is unfortunate that the lockdowns and restrictions are getting extended and classes are completely online. This has only helped me to explore and appreciate the beauty of the UL campus. One can connect with nature, breathe in some fresh air, hear the Shannon gently flowing by. The atmosphere on campus has been calming and seeing people taking walks or runs within the campus just show how good the campus. Moreover, it also reaffirmed that we are in this together and that things will get better.

It has been difficult to deal with the mode of teaching shifting completely online and the lack of interaction with people has not been easy. It is during times like these a contemplative walk, a bit of meditation a simple walk to connect with nature helps and makes a big difference. Well, it has at least helped me and I would urge everyone to explore the trails and the other beautiful sights within the campus. It has helped me to hold things together during these stressful and rather gloomy times. Hoping that the pandemic comes to an end soon and that we rise more resilient than ever from it.

By Arun Rajeev


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