The Bachelor Life: Learning to live independently

In this blog, Pavani Madda, a UL Postgraduate International Student, recounts the experiences of independent living in a foreign country, and tells us of both the struggles and the achievements that she has faced. This topic is familiar to many International students, and we hope that this can provide some comfort and validation to those with similar experiences of navigating a new life in a foreign country.

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Nothing can be the aptest topic to write a blog on for my situation right now. Although coming to Ireland for higher education is not the first place of my bachelor life, I still feel lost here sometimes as I flew far away from my home country for the first time. I do not say that I am alone here because my best friend has come along to make my bachelor life messier. Jokes apart, we are inseparable then and now. 

Irish people are a way friendlier, never expected such love and kindness. We got a wonderful neighbourhood who are always ready to help us with anything.  

Once, I believed I would never try cooking and, that is the thing which I must try here daily. Now, I would say we are no less than chefs. So, I learnt that nothing is wrong in trying the things in which I lack. Also, we are doing weekly grocery shopping, and lately, I started hating it because one should possess a lot of patience to do it. The best thing which I learnt is to live independently. 

Any bachelor should never lack motivation. They must be zealous in whatever they ought to do. They would have come up with certain goals and also many hopes on them. According to me, they are fighters. They get to fight every day in their daily life not physically, but mentally. When they are on call with their parents, their voice should not sound like homesickness. They cannot afford a comfortable or luxurious life, so they have to manage their housework and also professional work. It would be toughest if it is the first time. Even though they lack financially, they try not to ask their family. They may have lower self-esteem. Sometimes they need a lot of self-control to overcome temptations. At times they have to lie their families so that they do not worry about them. Although they live in a secured place, there will always be little fear in their hearts. Also, they might face failures at many times but they have to get up and fight for themselves. They get to learn many new things not by the interest, but by their need. So, bachelors should be motivated daily in such a way that they could be able to fight back with any such situation to achieve their goals.      

 I believe we will be bachelors to achievers one day.  


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