My UL Experience: A testimony

Considering studying at UL? Whether you choose to come here for a semester, or your whole degree, we are confident that you’ll have a great time. In this blog, Maggie Kanaley, one of our Student Ambassadors, tells us how she came to Limerick as a study abroad student, and will finish her degree as a UL Graduate.

My name is Maggie Kanaley and I am a second-year American student in the University of Limerick. I am in the Bachelor of Arts focusing on Politics and International Relations & Digital Culture and Communications. I began my time in Limerick in the autumn semester of 2018 when I studied abroad from my home university, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. When my semester abroad concluded I decided on a whim to apply to the University of Limerick full time and was successful in my application.

My time in Limerick as a study abroad student and a full-time undergrad have been quite different so far. My semester as a study abroad student felt so much faster paced and travel oriented, having only a few short months to see everything that I wanted to see before returning home. In that semester I managed to visit places in Ireland such as Kinsale, Dublin, the Cliffs of Moher, Blarney Castle, and so many more. I also managed to visit other countries such as France, Italy, and Germany because the prices for flights were so much cheaper than they would be back home in the States.

My time as a full undergrad student has been much more relaxed than my semester abroad, although admittedly COVID-19 did through a wrench in my plans to explore more of the world as much as it did anyone else’s. Besides that, I have had time to make deeper connections with my classmates and fully appreciate Irish culture. I have also had time to work a part time job with the UL Global office, go visit the places some of my Irish friends grew up, and so much more. As part of my degree for the Bachelor of Art’s, I am due to begin my Cooperative Education placement (a sort of internship opportunity) with Cork City Council next month and I have just applied for Erasmus in Copenhagen. The University of Limerick has some of the most incredible opportunities available for its students that I haven’t seen anywhere else.

Besides the amazing places that are available through Co-op and Erasmus, there is a lot to do around the UL campus as well. One of my favorite spots in Castletroy is The Stables Club, a favorite amongst UL students and conveniently located on the courtyard. There you can get food or drink and talk with other UL students hanging around between classes. In the city centre you have favorites for shopping such as Penney’s, an affordable option for everything from shoes to clothes to toiletries. It’s also fun to explore more historic places in the city centre like King John’s Castle and visit the Hunt Museum!

Although it’s a long way from home, there’s always so much to do and to look forward to in the University of Limerick. I’ve loved every second I’ve spent here and could not recommend it enough!


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