The Student Perspective


Though her semester was cut short, Study Abroad student Tally talks about her time in the University of Limerick. She made memories, she made friends and best of all, she became part of the UL wolf pack!

The wolf is a powerful, majestic, and elusive creature. It roams far and wide, relying on its community, ears, and smell to find its resting place, next meal, and fellow wolves. It is no coincidence that UL’s mascot is a wolf. From the students in your classroom to the lecturers and staff, there is a kinship, a welcome that encourages individual exploration of your talents, dreams, and interests. Yet it draws you into a family of explorers, artists, scholars, musicians; people proud of their heritage whether that be the neighborhoods in UL’s backyard or across the oceans. Coming to UL for my last semester of undergraduate was a difficult decision, and several times along the way it was on the brink of falling through. But as the plane flew over the fields, ruins, rivers, and city surrounding the Dublin airport; as the bus drove through misty grasslands and over rolling hills, under the flagpoles that mark this campus’s entrance, everything clicked.

This semester, I have watched those flags wave proudly through snow, rain, hail, wind, and sun. They greeted me at breakfast, accompanied my walks to class, and sent me on every weekend adventure with dear friends from all over the world. UL is not only an academic hub, with groundbreaking research and numerous resources, but offers students a family, a pack. The lecturers were engaged and invested in us as students and humans, the village staff were open, kind, and available for any problem, and the international office never failed to check in, provide regular updates, and offer resources and tips for our utmost success. Even in the face of the shut down and shut-ins that swept the world, the UL staff remained calm, informed, and on top of the situation.

Though I wish there had been more time to explore this incredible country, the Irish spirit of hospitality and warmth, a little sarcasm, and a lot of tea came through. The eerie landscapes and ancient ruins, pub seshs and back roads that escaped our exploration this semester just call even stronger. Wandering around downtown Limerick, hiking up King John’s Castle, throughout Dublin’s historical streets, along the Shannon’s banks, watching the sunset from the Living Bridge, learning rugby with fellow students during days of isolation–these memories are shared with dear friends, with the pack that I found here at Ollscoil Luimnigh.

Go Wolves and Slán Abhaile.


UL Study Abroad

From the University of Alabama

Spring 2020


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