My First Snowfall Experience!


Anyone remember the time in February 2020 when we witnessed rain, hail, snow and sunshine all in the same week?? Well for Ambassador, Chandan, it was the first time in his life to witness snow. Read to find out what he thought of the experience!

Well, I was already amazed by the beauty of Ireland, when there was a day that Ireland didn’t fail to surprise me with a scene witnessed by me for the first time in life.

It was snowfall, a snowy day.

I hail from India; normally we have all kinds of weather in India, excessive Summer, Cold & Rain. Although there are places in India like Shimla, Manali, Tawang which witnesses snowfall in India, I hadn’t visited those places since destiny wanted me to witness it in Ireland.

One fine day when I opened my eyes in the bed, I looked at my phone for WhatsApp messages and Instagram feeds, when I noticed people sharing some cool pictures of snow. I was like “Oh No! I missed it!” After some time, I opened my door to see if I had missed my chance, but, guess what?!

It was snowing! I couldn’t stop myself but get out in the backyard of the house and enjoy the moments.

I started playing with the snow. Then I took my drone out to capture the aerial view of the beautiful scenery. The whole Limerick was covered in ice. My happiness was at its’ peak as I witnessed this for the first time in my life. Snowfall, I learned, is not common in Ireland as well but it did happen for a day this year. I took photos and videos, playing with the ice, and had one of my best days of life.

Here is a link to the the video I created which captures the snow



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