My Trip to the Aran Islands

Chandan, an adventure enthusiast, set off earlier this year with the International Society on a trip to the Aran Islands. Landing on Inis Oirr, Chandan explains the history of the “Plassey Shipwreck”, and takes us on a virtual bicycle trip of the beautiful Irish isle!

The Aran Islands, located off the coast of Ireland, are 3 rocky isles guarding the mouth of Galway Bay, in western Ireland. It was a trip organised by the International Society at the University of Limerick. The fee was 30 Euro. I was so excited about the trip since it was near the Atlantic Ocean. The buses left UL campus around 7 am towards Galway. The beauty of Ireland never disappoints, and the journey itself was so enthralling. We reached the shore around 10 in the morning, where we hopped onto a ferry, to reach the island named Inis Oirr.

I was so excited when I reached such a small place surrounded by waters. I rented a bike, which was available at 10 euros for the whole day! I started traveling around the island with the small island map in hand. The weather was so good! I was able to go cycling uphill, saw limited number of houses, horse carts and as always lots of greeneries.

We also spotted a ship wreck which was known to be “Plassey Shipwreck”. This is a little bit about its history;

In 1960 on a dark stormy night a freighter was washed ashore on the Island of Inis Oírr. The Islanders quickly gathered to the wreck to rescue those on board and to salvage what they could from the battering sea. The ship carried many goods that were never before seen on the island, including biscuits, cookies, and even modern-day toilets. Pieces, Wheels, Compasses, and various parts of the Ship were taken by many as souvenirs and reminders of the rare event.”

It was really a very nice experience. Thanks to the decision in which I made to come to Ireland for my masters, & also a big thanks to University of Limerick for making it smooth with all those adventures and learning experiences.

You can also find the video of my trip below:



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