Reflecting upon my time in UL

Sue, an International Student Ambassador, takes us through her time here at the University of Limerick. Unfortunately, her visit was cut short by the pandemic, but nonetheless, she made unbelievable friends and enjoyed the time that she did have.

I remember it very clearly, the first time I woke up to the sunrise and the view of frosty athletic fields in Kilmurry in late January. I was full of anticipation and excitement for all the new things to come and I couldn’t wait to start exploring the little world of UL.

I had arrived at night and the house seemed quiet and empty, so I assumed that I was the first one to check in at house 39. I got surprised to walk down to the kitchen and find a smiling curly-haired girl in her pajama pants making toast with cheese.

This girl and I turned out to share the same kind of interests and goofy humor, and during the relatively short time we shared home, we became pretty close. She was the first person I got to meet in UL, the last person I said goodbye to at the airport, and also, one of the people who really helped make my UL experience as memorable as it was. Thank you. 🙂

Two months is not a particularly long time period, although these months were so eventful that at times, it felt as if it was much longer. During these two months, I got to meet some amazing people, Irish as well as internationals, I got to share my love for music with some of the most talented individuals I have met, I got to learn from and co-create with my classmates, I laughed and cried, and then laughed some more. I might not have fulfilled all of my travel plans (yet), but I was lucky enough to experience all the things that really matter.

When big changes such as this one hit, it’s so easy to slip into negative thinking and focus on what we’ve lost instead of being thankful for what we’ve got. It’s true, the Corona crisis had us leave Ireland too early and the ending was abrupt, stressful and filled with emotions. But as time passes, I become increasingly grateful for what the short time in Ireland has actually given me.

I may no longer be able to call house 39 in Kilmurry my home, but for 2 months of my life, it was. And I will keep it in my memory as just that. Warm (after we pushed the ‘Boost’ button:) ), filled with the smell of a freshly cooked meal in the kitchen, laughter, and with the “F.r.i.e.n.d.s” theme playing in the background.



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