My Experience at UL as an International Student from Nigeria.

Enumah Chinedu Andra is one of our friendly student ambassadors who has only positive things to say about his experience here in the University of Limerick. Give his blog a read!

My Experience at UL as an International Student from Nigeria.
I was very apprehensive when I decided to make a bold move in my academic pursuit abroad, most especially after getting admitted into the prestigious University of Limerick, Ireland. I didn’t know what to expect and how my experience would be like at the institution with diverse cultures due to the fact I had not travelled out of my country Nigeria until now. For me, it was mixed feelings bothering down on how I would survive in the international community while also being excited for the opportunity to further my degree and the exposure that will come from schooling abroad.

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I was happy that I got admitted into a top class school that also has students’ welfare at heart considering how the university officials and I communicated often via emails in preparation for my arrival (I couldn’t ask for more). Because of this, I was relieved of all tension and anxiety as I had a strong mindset that all will be well in Ireland – which later worked for me. I also did my personal research online as to what to expect at UL as an international student and was delighted at what I found, it was then I knew that I had already hit the jackpot. Yippee!

In September 2019, I set out from Nigeria to Ireland with excitement and couldn’t wait for my first international experience. I arrived the country and all that I read about Limerick city and UL community ranging from the people’s friendliness to their welcoming and cool nature – was confirmed. I received help from virtually everybody as it appeared they were well prepared for my arrival and settling in.

It didn’t take long for me to fit into the community because the university made it easy by preparing for the students’ welfare. Nothing was stressful for me including registering myself at the school’s international education office and also registering my course modules, it all went smoothly. The students and officials were always ready to help and answer me anytime I called most especially when I got lost a couple of times while trying to locate lecture rooms due to how big the university is.

It has been almost two months since I arrived and I can emphatically say that UL is a renowned institution which has many international students from various countries all seeking the same thing, top notch education and world class exposure. Little wonder why the school won the ‘2019 Best Irish University’. I also was amazed by the level of advanced technologies used in teaching students in the university and the friendliness and openness of the lecturers considering the big gap in the education system back home. I have resources at my disposal (such as SULIS which is the learning management system at UL) to aid in my learning process.

The extra-curricular life at UL has also been very comforting as there are lots of societies to join and activities to partake in to settle in quickly. I have made lots of friends from my country and other countries here on campus due to similar interests we share.

My short stay here has been very exciting as anticipated and I can’t wait for more thrilling experiences before the end of my Masters programme. All I can say for now is that my decision to come to UL for study is one of the best and bold move I have taken.

By UL International Ambassador Enumah Chinedu Andra.


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