Irish Slang Words

Since you have decided to take on your studies in Limerick, the next step is deciphering the language. Although the Irish are a chatty bunch, we use some tricky words that are confusing to new ears. With this simple guide to Irish slang words, you’ll be speaking like a native in no time!

  • Ye:  You (plural) used to address a group of people i.e. (“how are ye all doing?”)
  • Shattered: extremely tired (“I didn’t get any sleep I’m shattered”)
  • To slag someone: to tease /make fun of someone (“don’t get upset I was only slagging you”)
  • Deadly: brilliant, amazing, great (‘the party was deadly”)
  • Langers: very drunk
  • Grand: meaning okay, used a lot to respond to someone asking how are you
  • Gas: used to describe something that is funny or entertaining    (“that’s so gas”)


  • Craic: fun or gossip/news (“the party was great craic”) (“what the craic?”)
  • Fiver: 5 euro
  • Tenner: 10 euro
  • Knackered: extremely tired (“I am completely knackered”)
  • Locked: drunk (“he was locked Friday night”)
  • Eejit: silly, idiot, fool  (Michael is an eejit)
  • Savage: great, amazing


  • Taking the piss: to mock or tease someone
  • Arseways: to do something wrong
  • The guards: Irish police
  • The boot: trunk of a car
  • Bold: naughty (That child is so bold)
  • Jumper: sweater, pullover
  • I will ya: confusing as it means I will not


  • Donkeys years: a very long time
  • Hold yer horses: hold on a minute, slow down
  • Gaff: house
  • Chancer – Someone who’d try anything
  • It’s lashing: heavy rain
  • Ages: a long time
  • Bucketing: raining heavily
  • Shift: kiss someone
  • Banjaxed: Broken

Thank you to student ambassador Niamh O’Doherty for putting this list together.


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