Why I chose UL and things to keep in mind while arriving here in Limerick

Prerna is a Masters student at the University of Limerick, Prerna wanted to share her experience about deciding to study at UL along with some advice for new students who will be coming to UL in September. 

Before making the decision of pursuing my masters in UL, I was working as software engineer in India. I loved every bit of what I did but somehow I felt stunted in my growth and potential to achieve great things. That is when I was determined to quit my job and go for Masters. The first step in applying for Masters is giving the language test to show your command over English language, there were various exams that accepted globally like IELTS, TOEFL and I gave IELTS and prepared for it to achieve a minimum 6.5 band score and because of thorough 1 month preparation I was able to score a band score of 7.5 which widened my area to apply for.

Prerna Graphics

While researching about study abroad programs I came across an article about studying in Ireland. The article got me intrigued about the universities there in Ireland and since I was already clear with the course I was trying to search for some guidance to help me apply into Irish Universities. The reason for me to apply for Irish Universities was that they were reputed and also offered scholarships so planning for higher education doesn’t burn a hole in our pockets. I got in touch with Sudha Ramesh one of the senior counselor in Delhi to help me apply for the Universities and also she had been really helpful considering the fact I was still serving my notice period and there was no way I could take full charge of the situation.

Just weeks after I applied for several Universities I got offers from all 3 but then it was the toughest decision I had to make knowing that all 3 had good reputation. I consulted my mentor and she advised me that last year she had visited the University of Limerick and she was amazed by the place and how warm hearted the staff of UL were. On her advice I made the decision of choosing UL, and  I thank her for helping me choose UL. UL has by far the best faculty who are experienced in their field and have immense knowledge and they try their level best to take out time for students.

Now for the students who have made the decision to come to Limerick, here are a few tips before arriving in Limerick.

  1. Please carry heavy clothing, avoid summer clothes and carry jackets, sweaters etc. as the weather can be harsh and it is always breezy and it is best to carry pullovers.tenor


2. Pack a rain coat and an umbrella because it rains almost every other day in Limerick.

tenor (1)

3. No need to carry books and other unnecessary items, please be wise to carry spices and some food items to survive for a week before you can go for shopping for groceries. Places to visit for cheap grocery, frozen food etc. are ALDI, LIDL and there is a SPAR inside the university campus as well.

4. Last but not the least book your accommodation in advance so that you don’t have to worry about your stay.

Accom and water
You could live here!


Prerna Sharma, India


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