Top Tips for Thai Students in Ireland


My name is Natrada Mahajak, from Thailand. I am studying MSc Marketing Consumption and Society at the University of Limerick. After I have been here for a while, I fell in love with this country for many reasons, and one of my reasons was because Irish people are so friendly and  kind.

Why I chose Ireland and UL


Before I made my decision to study in Ireland and UL, I had been in Ireland last year doing an English course for 3 months in Dublin City University. After that experience and after traveling to many parts of Ireland like Galway, Cliffs of Moher in Clare and the Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland I told myself that I would come back here again to study my Masters degree.

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The reason that made me want to come back was because of the beautiful scenery around Ireland and friendliness of the people. The first feeling I felt when I was walking into University of Limerick was the environment in the University helped calm me from the nervousness I was feeling about the upcoming year living and studying in a different country. The Shannon River flows across the college and under a wonderful bridge in the university which creates a beautiful scenery in UL. The nature in UL and friendliness of fellow students and staff who are always willing to help, can make me feel relaxed and refreshed when I felt stressed about my course.


My top tips

My tips for Thai students who are coming to study in University of Limerick:

  • Prepare warm clothes that you maybe have never wore in Thailand before and the most important thing is to pack rain clothes or an umbrella, I would recommend that you should bring both (almost all Irish people always wear dark colour clothes, If you do not want to feel so different here).
  • Organise accommodation for the year early before arriving in Ireland as accommodation near the university is booked up months in advance of the start of the college year.
  • Prepare some chili powder if you love to eat spicy food.
  • Feel free to ask if you have any questions and enjoy Ireland!


IMG_7650Thanks to Natrada for sharing her story! Check out University of Limerick, and fill out our contact form if you have any questions about studying in Ireland!


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