Why These Malaysian Students Love Studying at UL!

Study at the University of Limerick!

Hello! My name is Lai Guan Jia, I’m from Malaysia.

I’m a master’s student majoring in Sports Performance here at UL. To be honest, this is my first time being in Europe and Ireland was my first stop.

I have to say that I like this place very much, as the environment is so peaceful. To elaborate, the people here are very friendly and helpful, as well as it is a great craic (fun) to be with them. UL is an interesting place to study at, with so many great events that are constantly being organized.

For example, they have an outdoor pursuit club and international society where you get to travel a lot! Not to mention, I’m a gym enthusiast and they have one hell of a setup here at the UL Arena where you get to train at a world class facility.

I hope that you would be inspired to study at UL after reading my lovely testimonial, but for now I’m gonna go have fun with my comrades.

lai guan.png

– Guan Lai, MSc Sports Performance programme.

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Hi everyone! My name is Lin Hin Ong and MSc student from Malaysia, Majoring in Sports Performance.

Choosing Ireland was the best decision I ever made. Beautiful country with incredible scenery, exploring some historical sites around Ireland, and super friendly Irish and open people around.

Why the University of Limerick? Excellent facilities throughout the whole campus, one of the best University in Ireland which located with the beautiful scenery and environment and education here was priceless with lecturers that keen and dedicated professors to help you.

Nevertheless, Ireland has to be the next destination on your chart, and there is nothing better to be than at UL.

11 months here have been incredible and I sincerely thank everyone that I have met and helped me throughout my journey here in Ireland.

Lin Hin.jpg

– Lin Hin Ong, MSc Sports Performance programme.

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