From China to The University of Limerick

By UL International Student Ambassador Rae Fan

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My name is Rae, an international student from China. This is my first time to come to Ireland.

The scenery in UL is very attractive, especially the Shannon River, therefore I took many photos when I came across the living bridge on campus during the day.

Obviously, the view at night is also pretty, when you feel tired from your studies, you can hang our with your friends on campus.


Life in UL is perfect.

The student village gives us a great accommodation environment, and there are various modern facilities like gymnasium, library, bank and supermarket.

UL sport is a valuable place to get some exercise, you can swim, play basketball and so on. Actually, having the opportunity to participate in a sporting event is much important.

The teachers here are patient

… if you have any problems, you can ask teachers for help, they will happy to help you to solve these problems which you have. The best thing is that you can take classes with native students although you are an international student, it is great to make you enter an English environment. The students in here are friendly, I live with four Irish students, they are delighted to chat with you, and this is a good chance for you to improve your English skills.


My student accommodation

Activities in UL are abundant

There are many societies and wonderful clubs such as skydiving and surfing. I take a part in an international society, it is a good society for you to have nice trips away. The leader is active and enthusiastic, if you join it, you can feel at home, it’s like a big family.


Me in the front of the photo with some of my new international friends

In general, UL gives me a wonderful experience, colorful school life and friendly roommates. Many activities for international students like International Festival, you can make friends from all over the world and experience different cultures. I really enjoy it!

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