Coffee Time by Yini Gao, UL International Student Ambassador

By University of Limerick (UL) International Student Ambassador Yini Gao.

I am a big fan of coffee latte. I drank latte in Florence. I drank Latte in Rome. I drank Latte in Denmark. And I drank latte in Oslo. But after tasting so many cups of latte in a lot of places, I found that I like the taste of latte in Spar (shop) near Plassey Village on UL campus the most. I didn’t notice that before I got a comparison. My second choice for the best latte is in the café in Kemmy Business School at UL.  Below I will introduce you to another special café on campus which you must go to.

WP_20150414_006 (2)
Me in Café Verde

When spring is coming, one of the cafes in UL that stands out from others is Café Verde located in the Health Sciences building. When there is a sunny day it turns out to be a secret garden. You can drink a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy the sunshine there. When there is sunshine, Café Verde becomes a greenhouse with a glass ceiling. If you want to take a rest or read some novels it is a good choice. By the way, the soup in Café Verde is nice!

Where do you think serves the best coffee on UL campus?

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