UL voted as one of the World’s Top 30 Green Universities – Congratulations! by Jia Xu

By University of Limerick (UL) International Student Jia Xu

I was not surprised when I heard that UL ranked as one of the world’s top 30 green universities. The University of Limerick has such a beautiful campus located on both sides of the River Shannon. According to future plans, the university is aiming to expand the north bank campus to the size of the original campus. Future students, you’re a lucky bunch 🙂

The Living Bridge
The Living Bridge

Well, while the campus is getting bigger and bigger, it certainly becomes increasingly important for students to find the correct exam room location. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to go through the 30 minutes of chaos that I went through in my 3rd year when I went to the incorrect exam room twice! To cut a long story short, I pretty much ran a campus tour during that horrible 30 minutes. When I eventually arrived in the correct exam room 28 minutes after the exam started, I was quite grateful that the campus hadn’t expanded to the other side of the river! Otherwise, as you can imagine, I would surely have had to sit the repeat exam in the summer 😦

Aerial View of UL Campus
Aerial View of UL Campus

When the various college buildings are some distance from each other, it provides a great opportunity for students to enjoy the campus more and get some fresh air during term time. Let’s also not forget to mention the various catering services that each building has to offer e.g. creamy hot chocolate and muffins in the main building; nice coffee and cakes in the foundation building; quick soup and sandwich in the library etc. The perfect way to fuel your mind for an intense study session 🙂

UL celebrated its 40th birthday last year, as a relatively young university, it is has been constantly developing. As a former student, I witnessed the beginning of the campus expansion and in another ten years I can’t wait to see what more the University of Limerick will have to offer students.

UL Campus at night
UL Campus at night

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