Lucky Number 13 by Sara Jane Rodgers

cliffsWoman playing the harp at the Cliffs of Moher

Classes have finished but what comes next? It is what is known as the dreaded Week 13 where you’re not quite done yet but you’re so close that you almost taste it (and it tastes like freedom and mince pies). Week 13 is Reading Week, or for the many Americans who haven’t had this before, this is the week right before exams that is dedicated to studying.

plasseyPlassey Village at Night 

I asked a bunch of my friends this question, “Besides getting into the library as soon as it opens so that you are able to get a seat, what has helped you get through Week 13?” After having ruled out the typical hilarious write-ins which I would love to add but probably shouldn’t, here are some of their responses:

1. CHOCOLATE (It is confirmed – though I think we do ice cream better – Irish chocolate is 100x better than American chocolate) or caffeine in any form

2. Blasting the song “What Does the Fox Say” loud enough so your whole village can hear

3. Happy SPAM (sending and receiving photos of funny or cute pictures of puppies)

4. Watching/cringing at Christmas music videos from the 1980s

5. Plenty of sleep

6. For those who aren’t used to having a reading week, spending Week 12 in cool places like Amsterdam and Belfast

7. Emerging from the library to go to the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony and getting to meet Santa on campus

8. Only having one final! (We all wish we could swing that one!)

9. Learning to hip hop dance through Matt Steffanina’s online tutorials (Okay, that was just me)

10.Thinking about all of the amazing Irish Adventures they’re going to have after the exams

11. Long talks through Skype with family

12. Going to any and all events that have a dress code requiring a Christmas jumper

13. Having a tripartite technique of alternating equal parts of studying, having dance parties, and sleeping

14. Eating an extreme amount of granola from the bag with a spoon

15. Becoming inspired to do great things in life after reading this article:

But in all seriousness, we will survive! That…I’m sure of. It might just take some llamas and Cadbury Dairy Milk bars to get us there.

santaVisiting with Santa Claus at the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony


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