My Experience starting at UL – Ferdiye Anildi

by Ferdiye Anildi.

In this blog Ferdiye goes through why she chose UL, what she enjoyed about it, and how UL made the process of applying easy

My name is Ferdiye Anildi. I am from northern Cyprus. I am a postgraduate student at UL and I am doing my master’s in the TESOL program. The first time I heard about UL was through searching for master’s programs in English-speaking countries. Compared to other universities in Ireland, one of the reasons I chose UL is that I did some research about the education it provides. Another reason is that UL is among the highest-ranked universities in compare to ones in northern Cyprus, and the academic life here is quite enjoyable. As for my program, I found the modules quite effective and beneficial for my further teaching experiences and practice. I also looked at other opportunities that the UL offers, such as various clubs for students or events that encourage students to be more engaged and enable them to feel a part of the UL family.

In addition, throughout my application process, I did it independently and collected all required documents. At first, I struggled to complete it on my own, but I am happy that I managed it properly. During this process, the system itself was helpful as well. To elaborate, when you first apply to UL, the system sends mail showing step-by-step how to create your account and complete your application. Therefore, I found that quite useful, and I liked it. I also liked the campus, the way it is green, and the people here are so polite and they are kind too. Everyone supports each other in my aspects, and I gained self-confidence while interacting with people from different parts of the world.

Moreover, I really like my courses and my lecturers in the program as well as part of the program having guest lectures once in a month in the TESOL area is quite educational and it is an astonishing experience.

Lastly, I am glad that I made my decision about choosing UL and overall, I really like Ireland too. Even though finding accommodation can be difficult in here, it was the best decision to come Ireland, a country with great hospitality and amazing places that it offers!


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