Limerick Animal Welfare

In this blog post, Hanan Al Quraish tells us about the Limerick animal welfare organization, from whom she adopted her pet cat. The organization does great work and she tells us how we can donate or volunteer to help with their wonderful work

Limerick animal welfare is one of the biggest charities caring for unwanted animals in county limerick. They have taken in a lot of animals and rescued many from severe incidents. They keep them until they recover their health and find a new loving home.

If you want to give them your support, they are taking donations to help injured animals. If you have the time, you could also volunteer to help them in their shelter.

On a Personal note, I got my cat Tom from them, he was a rescue, and when I adopted him, he was 4 months old

(Editor’s note: Look at Tom, Isn’t he cute!).

 I had always wanted to adopt a cat, and when my mind was set on it, I searched a lot about the places in limerick for somewhere I could adopt a cat from. Eventually I found limerick animal welfare. When I went there, I knew that I had reached the right place. The place is designed to take care of different animals – dogs, cats, and even farm animals such as horses. I am glad that I headed to them when I decided to adopt a cat.

 If you want to make better life for the strays, and to help injured animals, click here to visit the Limerick animal welfare website. You could also phone them on 063 91110 if you have any questions or if you are interested in volunteering with them.


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