How to Make Friends at UL

1) Orientation week

Whether you are an International, Erasmus, Exchange or Irish student, taking part in the orientation week is a great experience to meet new people. During the week, there will be several events and activities like a Campus tour, a Gaelic football session, Coffee and Tea meeting at the Glucksman Library. I met most of my friends in the first two weeks at the University of Limerick!

2) Stables and Scholar’s Club

Scholar’s and Stables Club are perfect to enjoy a night out or meet for a meal. During the week, Stable’s offers several events such as concerts, themed parties, soccer matches on big screens, and international parties. I leave you to discover all the others events! If you like singing, the Scholar’s Club is perfect for you! Every Monday, there is a karaoke session so sing along with your friends!

3) Clubs and Societies

There are several clubs and societies at UL, making this the right way to share your passion with others. Moreover, clubs and societies organize a lot of activities on campus and also trip days where you can test your ability and have fun with everyone!

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