Travelling into Europe from Ireland? Make sure to fly with Shannon Airport!

If you’re looking for a quick getaway, I have an idea for you!

While Dublin Airport hosts a majority of the flights to and from Ireland, do not forget about Shannon Airport. Although Shannon Airport does not have nearly as many flights as Dublin, it has daily flights to destinations throughout Europe.

Smaller Airport means Less Waiting

In contrast to Dublin Airport, Shannon Airport is quite small; therefore, the amount of time to go through security and reach your gate will be substantially less than flying out of Dublin. I recently flew from Shannon to Marseille, and I went through security and reached my gate in less than 10 minutes.

Great Prices with Ryanair

Even though Shannon Airport is smaller, the prices of flights does not reflect it. For my trip to Marseille, my roundtrip cost for my flight was €40 through Ryanair. I would highly recommend signing up for Ryanair emails, so you can avail their flash deals and monitor flights from Shannon.

How to reach Shannon Airport

To reach Shannon Airport, you have two options either by taxi or by public transportation. From the University of Limerick to the airport, a taxi ride would take around 30 minutes and could cost up to €60. Alternatively, you can take either the 304 or 304A into the city, then take the Expressway 51 bus from the train station to the airport. With a valid leap card, the cost would be around €5 euro per person each way.

So, when planning a trip abroad, do not forget about Shannon Airport as it is a hidden gem that help you visit the rest of Europe!


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