Getting the Bus? Here’s 4 Must Know Tips For Students

1 – Take the 304/304A Bus from University of Limerick to the City Center

To reach the center of Limerick, there are two options; Bus Éireann 304 and 304A. These are both easily accessible from the University (main stop at Stables Club). The first timetable of the 304 route is at 6:50 am and the last at 11:30 pm Monday – Sunday.

Something you absolutely need to know is the Leap card that allows you to have discounts as a student, which you can buy on the Leap Card website. The price for students under 23 years old is 70 cents per ride. After you upload money to your leap card, remember to scan it with your phone to update its balance.

Student Leap Card

2 – Use the Bus’ Monitor and Red Button to get off in the City Center

If you want to get off in the city center, the main stops are Sarsfield Street and O’Connell Street. In the bus, a monitor will highlight the next stops and the time of arrival. To get off the bus, push the red button on the yellow pole as you reach your destination.

In Limerick, there are double-decker buses so while are you reaching your destination, you can enjoy the city view!

View from Double-Decker Bus

3 – Go to Upper William Street if you want to get the Bus from Limerick Center to UL

The main bus stop to reach UL is on Upper William Street. Make sure that the bus you get on will stop at UL (304/304A will always stop there). If you are at the wrong bus stop, you will take the bus in the opposite direction. You can get help from the map of the bus stop and the Bus Éireann website.

Interior of Bus Éireann

4 – Stop at Sexton Street to get to Colbert Station and catch your Train

To go and catch the train, you need to get off at Sexton Street. Then, go straight ahead until you reach the corner. Turn left and go a little further where you will find the train station on your left.

Colbert Station

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