3 Cafés to Visit in Limerick City

Limerick is filled with cute, cozy and quirky cafes on all corners of every street. Slovenian Erasmus student Linda, takes us through her favourite spots to unwind and enjoy some golden coffee! These cafes are definitely worth checking out… Don’t believe us? Just see what Linda has to say.. The pictures speak for themselves!

We all know how lovely Irish weather can be – one second, you’re relaxing in the sunshine and the next you might be drenched in rain. If you find yourself wandering the streets of Limerick on one of those hectic days, you could pop into one of the many cafés Limerick has to offer, while you wait for the rain to stop and enjoy a sweet cup of coffee. Rain or shine, you might as well spend some time to explore and find your new favourite coffee place!

Regardless of whether you’ll be catching up with friends, studying or just enjoying your drink, here are some cafés you might want to check out.

1.      Story Café

This was the one café I visited first on a rainy Sunday. It’s a lovely, cozy place on the corner of Todd’s Bow and Denmark St. It’s only a few streets away from Arthur’s Quay Park and I highly recommend visiting if you happen to be nearby. They offer breakfast, lunch, and brunch menus, but I personally think you should try out their crepes. There are so many options, savoury and sweet, that you are bound to find a tasty treat for yourself. I ordered one with apples and cinnamon, which is a sweet but still somewhat healthy choice.

2. Esquires Coffee

How often do you spend long periods of time looking at the menu before you finally make your decision? I must admit I don’t always do this (luckily!), but when I visited this café, it did take me a while before I was able to decide what to order. I mean – how am I supposed to decide between my all-time favourite Latte, White Hot Chocolate, and a Caramel Latte Frappe? I’ll definitely have to visit it again. I ended up ordering a smoothie, but only because the other thing I ordered was French toast and I thought that will be sweet enough as it is. If you want something to eat, you can choose between brunch, salads, and sandwiches, but if you fancy something sweet then you should definitely try their French toast, it’s great!

3. Aroma Coffee House

My last café choice is this lovely place on Roches St – right next to the bus stop if you’re coming with the 304 bus from UL to the city centre. It has a cozy, relaxed and warm atmosphere, and genuinely incredible coffee! I got a Caramel Latte and it tasted as good as it looks. I also got a BLT, which was a nice snack to enjoy.

That’s all for now! Which one out of these is your favourite? I don’t think you will be disappointed if you pop into one of them for a cup of coffee and some delicious snacks.

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