Tips and Tricks for living in Limerick

In this weeks blog, Student Ambassador Esther Ivy from Uganda gives her tips and tricks for coming to Limerick and living here as a student, with recommendations for every occasion!


Here’s a few tips on a couple of things I wish I knew before and would definitely recommend to a student or anyone here in Limerick!


If you are looking to have a dinner with friends at a quiet yet aesthetically pleasing place without shocking your bank account, Rossi’s Italian and grill is the place. It has great food and location, that is, in the city center.

Jasmine palace is also great if a buffet is more to your taste. They have efficient service and are also located in the city center.


As the closest store to UL, Aldi is definitely the go-to for all students. Aside from the distance, Aldi offers a great range of products with occasional sales on appliances such as kitchenware, sandwich makers and even hair dryers at affordable prices. Something to lookout for if you need any.


Dunne’s stores is my top pick for this. There is a wide variety of brands to choose from at affordable prices compared to drugstores. They also have multiple sales so do look out for these to save a couple of euros.


Pennys provides affordable options for casual clothing. The recurring reduced rates make it even better. However, do make sure to try on clothes before purchase as sizes vary with different clothing. Online stores such as SHEIN and Pretty Little Thing are also great and affordable options with a much wider variety for you to choose from.


With just a 20 minutes walk from UL, Odeon Cinema is the place to catch the latest movies. The ambiance is great for you, with friends or family. With its location, you could have a snack at McDonald’s or coffee at Starbucks as you wait for your movie or after.

Part Time Jobs

With spending money comes the need to make some. is one of the places commonly used to look for part-time jobs. Different stores also advertise available vacancies on their websites especially in the holiday season. This is a great place to keep watch.

Recruitment agencies are also another avenue providing jobs in different fields based on your
availability and skills.

Event Updates

Make sure to follow all social media platforms of ulglobal, ulpsu and ulstudentlife and you will be the first to know of every event happening and how you could be a part of it!

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