Why Choose UL?

A question all students ask before studying at UL is : Why UL?… Well, in this blog, American student Preston dives into the variety of factors that contributed to his decision to study at UL from the UL Global team to an accessible and scenic campus as well as everything else in between.

Reflecting on my decision to study abroad, finding a university that would be a good fit was important to me.  However, I remember struggling with that concept, because it was hard to know what exactly I was looking for in a university.  Until you actually get into your Erasmus or study abroad program, it’s difficult to know what traits in a university are most important to you.  Thankfully, I can confidently say that the University of Limerick has been a great fit for me.  Here are 4 reasons why I enjoy my time at UL and why you might to. 

1.) The UL Global Team 

The University of Limerick staffs a team that is dedicated to helping postgraduate, undergraduate, study abroad, Erasmus+, exchange and summer school programs.  Leading up to my arrival in Ireland, I received ample information from the team.  They were also easily reached for any questions I had before embarking on my journey to Ireland.  Once here, they offered a very in-depth and beneficial orientation program to help us get settled in, register for classes, and get to know Limerick and UL better.  The support that the UL Global department offers, has made it easier for me to maximize my time in Ireland. 

2.) Location 

Limerick is a great location to go to university and to live in. Limerick has great scenery such as the River Shannon and the surrounding countryside.  For history buffs, the city is home to King John’s Castle which has a great museum about Limerick’s past.  Sports lovers will fit right in Limerick, as the city is home to Munster Rugby and has a strong hurling culture as well.  Many people also enjoying kayaking and cycling in Limerick.  I have also really enjoyed Limerick because it is not one of Ireland’s top tourist destinations which has made it easier to enjoy more of the local culture. 

The city is also big enough to satisfy city lovers, but small enough that it still feels like a close-knit community. 

3.) Campus 

The UL campus is large, but everything is nearby.  Students do not have to cross busy (or any) streets to walk between classes.  Campus can be walked from one end to the other in about 10 minutes.  Additionally, with the modern buildings set on the Shannon River, the campus is beautiful.  Simply, it is an enjoyable place to spend your time studying. 

4.) Clubs and Societies 

UL has about 80 different clubs and societies for students to join.  From skydiving to crafts, there is a group for everyone.  These are a great way to continue current passions, try new things, and meet other students.   

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