1 Day Trip to The Cliffs of Moher and the Burren

          In this student blog, Malaysian Student, Jian Yang Kon describes his trip with UL to the Cliffs Of Moher, Lahinch Beach and more. This action packed blog, describes some of the ”Must Do” activities in Ireland as they highlight the country’s natural beauty.

Hello to everyone, here is to another fresh semester, I will be presenting my experiences of the tour in text, hope you readers enjoy it. Self-introductions are in place, my name is Jian Yang, and I am from Malaysia. And now for the trip, another great offer by the UL Student Life Reception. Early morning starts with gathering in front of the foundation building at 8 and board on the bus. After some time had passed, we stop at the town Lahinch for an hour or so, and the recommendation of mine is taking a stroll down Lahinch Beach. It is a wonderful spectacle and a great view (Picture 1); it’s been a while since I been this close to the sea, so it was calming and great. I spent most of my time just walking about the beach, basking in the wind. I also went around the town itself for a look, but the stores weren’t open for business, as we were too early.

          Our next stop is the Cliffs itself, each of us were presented with a ticket to keep track. And in we go, I headed into the main building to look inside first and went on a little museum tour. They were very informative about the Cliffs itself, even sporting a café, restaurant, and giftshop. Very nice, I personally like the jewelry section, as the bracelets, necklaces, and rings make very nice gifts.

          After coming out, I went to check out the cliffs (Picture 2). I am not sure if that day was an exception, but the weather was very windy! The kind that can blow you away windy, so take care of your hats and scarfs, you might lose them if you reach a high ground. I went and had a great time, enjoying the winds, seeing the cliffs and the birds that make their nests there. I even went into the lighthouse and saw the interior, which looked cozy for a lighthouse home. (Picture 3).

          After the long walk back and forth, I rest for a bit and have some lunch, then head back to the bus. We later stop by a place to check out its rock formation, noting much of note, but nice scenery, nonetheless. And for our last stop before we head back, a visit to the historical monument, Poulnabrone Dolmen. Honestly, it is incredible that something this old is still standing (Picture 4).

            A great scenic tour is what I would summarize of my trip that day. But as with all the trips, in the end we were all tired and were ready to get back and rest by the end of it. Having such a wonderful experience really makes the time worth it, and I hope that for those who had read my blogs also have the chance to go on these trips yourself. Till next time, have a nice day.

Picture 1 – Lahinch Beach
Picture 2 – The Cliffs Of Moher
Picture 3 – Lighthouse Home
Picture 4 – Poulnabrone Dolmen

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