Top tips to save money on food as a student

In this helpful blog, American student Emma shares her top tips on how she saves and how you can save money on food each week as a student. These tips are essential for student life!

Let’s be honest, budgeting sucks. It’s stressful and unpleasant and can cause us to worry or freak out. Below are some tips on how to save money on food, buying groceries, and eating out.

Tip one: Set a grocery shopping budget

Whether your budget is €10 or €100, setting a budget before you go grocery shopping is a great way to stick to your finances and save money, while also helping you plan on what you need to get at the store.

Tip two: Only go grocery shopping once a week

This is a great tip, in order to save money and also use the ingredients you already have in the kitchen. Try to limit yourself to only going out shopping once a week, to avoid unnecessary purchases.

Tip three: Don’t eat out

This is one rule, that I find really helpful. If you’re like me, ordering something from a delivery app can be a weight off your shoulders on a really busy day. Trying to limit eating out to only weekends or and traveling, can help you save money and save food waste.

Tip four: Meal prep

If you’re not meal prepping, it might be something fun to try out. This is a great way to already have hot meals ready to go, and helps you not worry about having to cook during your busy schedule.

Tip five: Eat more than one meal a day

I know you may be wondering, how this tip helps save you money, but hear me out. A lot of us are busy and maybe even forget to eat during the day, which often causes us to have one giant meal and tons of snacks at the end of our busy day. But if we remember to eat or prepare snacks on the go, we can avoid those late night cravings for Domino’s Pizza. Eating more than one meal a day cannot only help us save money, but can help keep us energized throughout the day.

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