Five tips to survive a road trip  in Ireland

Who doesn’t love a good road trip around Ireland? While so many of us love to explore, some road trips can be quite taxing. Whether you’re taking a road trip all over Ireland, or to somewhere far away, Emma’s five tips will help with any trip! 

  1. Bring Headphones  

Especially if you’re on a long bus trip or a backseat passenger in a car, some great headphones, especially noise canceling, are essential! There’s only so many road trip games we can play, so headphones are a great escape for anyone.  

  1. Portable chargers are a life-saver 

Similarly to headphones, charges are another essential item that can help any trip! Especially if you get lost, a portable charger can make sure you stay connected!  

  1. SNACKS 

Snacks! Probably the most important thing to bring. No matter how long or short a trip is, make sure to grab some snacks before the trip starts! It’s easier to plan to get them before a trip in case you can’t stop or there’s no stores along the road. 

  1. The importance of down time 

Not necessarily a trip for during a road trip, but for after. Road trips, especially long ones, can be exhausting. Make sure to plan a nap or relax time before you go out and adventure. Having some down time once you get where you want to go can help make the rest of your trip enjoyable.  

  1. Bring a rain jacket 

It doesn’t matter what season it is, bring a rain jacket!! Weather can be unpredictable and a rain jacket helps you to be prepared no matter what. Also, a rain jacket can be multi purposeful and serve as a blanket, extra set of pockets, used in a picnic, or used to cover up windows on a hot day.  

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